Fires of Azeroth (Morgaine Saga, Book 3) by C. J. Cherryh

By C. J. Cherryh

There has been a celeb Gate in Azeroth marked by means of alien fires that Morgaine needs to seal. yet Morgaine and Vanye have introduced devastation to the peaceable land. For the hordes of Shiuan have been on their heels, made up our minds to overcome a brand new land for themselves and to avenge their misplaced planet.

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Fear was coppery in his mouth, the apprehension of ambush possible, and the urgency of flight. Blankets were rolled, the horses saddled, the whole affair of their camp undone with silent and furtive movements. Quickly they were in the saddle and moving by dark, on a different track: no following a spy in the moonless dark, to find that he had friends. Still the memory of that figure haunted him, the eerie movement which had tricked his eye and vanished. "Its gait was strange," he said, when they were far from that place and able to talk.

Of a sudden he longed for her anger, for something he understood. "Liyo,"he said when he had finished with the horses and she knelt burying the fire, covering all trace of it. He dropped down, put himself on both knees, being ilin. "Liyo,it comes to me that if our enemies are sitting where we must return, then sit they will, at least for a time; they fared no better in that passage than we. " He pleaded his own cause; did he plead his concern for her, he thought, then that instinctive stubbornness would harden against all reason.

But Sin joined him and helped him as he always had; and Vanye found it impossible to be hard with him. He set Sin finally on Mai's back, which was Sin's constant hope, whenever they would take the horses out to graze, and Sin stroked the mare's neck, and suddenly burst into tears, which he tried to hide. He waited until the boy had stopped his crying, and helped him down again, and they walked together back to the hall. Dinner was a mournful time. There were no songs, for they had buried Eth at sundown and they had no heart for singing.

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