First International Congress on Cataract Surgery, Florence, by R. T. Vyas (auth.), J. Francois, E. Maumenee, I. Esente

By R. T. Vyas (auth.), J. Francois, E. Maumenee, I. Esente (eds.)

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Of all eye diseases, 'cataract' registration f:tgUI"es are likely to be most misleading due to a variety of reasons: The fIrst is the one resulting from the confusion that exists in the literature between 'cataract' and lens opacities. Many people visually impaired by cataract are not registered because they are thought to be awaiting surgical treatment. 000 among the 70plus age group). Very many people with bilateral cataract are not visually impaired (if WHO classmcation is applied), and the slow progression toward their visual impairment must affect the ageing person's perception of his own visual ability.

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