Forest Fires (Pull Ahead Books) by Janet Piehl

By Janet Piehl

How do woodland fires commence? How do firefighters placed out wooded area fires? How will we hinder woodland fires? learn this e-book to find the solutions!

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Sometimes forest workers set fires on purpose. These fires destroy the fuel that causes big blazes. Workers watch the fires carefully and put them out safely. • One of the worst forest fires took place around Peshtigo, Wisconsin, in 1871. About 1,500 people died. 25 million acres of forest burned. That is an area about the size of the state of Delaware. • A kind of tree called lodgepole pine needs forest fires to start growing. The tree makes cones with seeds inside them. The heat of a forest fire opens the cones and lets out the seeds.

Did you know that some forest fires burn underground? This kind of fire is called a ground fire. 29 Further Reading Books Demarest, Chris L. Hotshots! New York: Margaret K. McElderry Books, 2003. Erlbach, Arlene. Forest Fires. Danbury, CT: Children’s Press, 1995. Rivera, Sheila. Forest. Minneapolis: Lerner Publications Company, 2005. com/ngexplorer/0111/adventures This forest fire website includes photos, videos, and audio clips. com/kids Learn about forests and Smokey Bear, then play forest fire games.

Com/kids Learn about forests and Smokey Bear, then play forest fire games. htm Learn more about forest fires and how to keep them from happening. 30 Glossary firebreak: a path that is cleared in order to stop a fire. Trees and other things that can burn are taken out of this path. fire season: the time of year when most forest fires happen. It is usually a time of year when it does not rain much. It can be from early spring to late fall. fuel: anything that can burn oxygen: a gas in the air we breathe park ranger: a person whose work is looking after a forest or a park sparks: small bits of burning matter thrown off by a fire spotter: a worker whose job is to watch for forest fires.

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