Formwork : a Practical Guide by Geoffrey Lee, Peter McAdam

By Geoffrey Lee, Peter McAdam

No optimise formwork charges and minimise the time for its building, the contractor must comprehend the guiding rules of secure and effective formwork development. He should also have a few perception into the relative advantages of the.

summary: No optimise formwork charges and minimise the time for its development, the contractor must comprehend the guiding ideas of secure and effective formwork development. He also needs to have a few perception into the relative benefits of the

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Further, this vibration may cause the GRP to delaminate. The effective plywood stiffness can be increased by framing the form to give a smaller than usual plywood span. Alternatively, a thicker, higher stress grade plywood can be used. 5. The quality of the surface finish of the GRP will depend on the process adopted and the care taken in its finish. 2. Solid Timber. Although plywood is used to provide the great majority of formfaces, solid timber still has a place. Indeed, in some European countries it is still the only material used.

The structural movement under load must be small and predictable. These deformations and deflections can be a significant part of the total deviations in the formed concrete surface. When the formwork designer is planning the formwork system, decisions must be made on the total deviation that will be acceptable, and to what extent workmanship errors and structural deformation will each contribute to this. To ensure that the total deviations do not exceed the tolerances, the material stiffness and the workmanship accuracy must be consistent.

On the topic of limitations on the formworker’s activities this would include: (1) Minimum and maximum stripping times and stripping procedures (2) Procedures for the determination of the location of construction joints (3) Precautions to be observed to avoid any detrimental effects of post-tensioning procedures on the formwork (4) Any limitations on the extent of stacked materials either on the formwork or previously poured and stripped slabs (5) Minimum and maximum requirements, procedures and precautions to be adopted in the forming, support and stripping of floors in multi-storey construction (6) Any restrictions on the use of the previously poured permanent structure for bracing of the formwork (7) Procedures and requirements for propping composite construction (8) Guidelines on the sequence and method of concrete placement if this is critical to the structure The lists given above are not exhaustive.

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