Fossil (DK Eyewitness Books) by Paul Taylor

By Paul Taylor

New glance! Relaunched with new jackets and eight pages of recent textual content! here's an unique and interesting new examine fossils - the is still of long-vanished animals and vegetation. beautiful real-life pictures of the staggering is still of historic lives provide a special "eyewitness" view of what fossils are, how they have been shaped, and the way they lived hundreds of thousands of years in the past. See pearls which are 50 million years outdated, a dinosaur's toe, a difficult "snake" that was once became to stone, a fossilized person, and a snail made up of helpful stones. learn the way fossils are shaped, how trilobites were preserved for 590 million years, the place to appear for a belemnite, and the way fossils helped the pharaohs of historical Egypt. notice that are the main worthy fossils on the earth, the place ammonites lived, how immense mammoths have been, what a devil's toenail seems like, and masses, even more.

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This specimen from Australia was preserved in a hard, chalky concretion (p. 9). It has been exposed by treatment in acid, which dissolved the concretion but not the fish within. Remains of concretion 35 Plants-the pioneers The invasion of the land by plants about 440 million JET JEWELRY Jet is a special kind of fossil wood which is dense enough to be carved and polished for jewelry. The formation of jet probably occurred when wood from monkey puzzle trees (opposite) was washed into the sea by rivers.

It was similar to a modern otter but was better adapted to life in water than otters. It may have been a forerunner of seals, which first became common in the sea during the late Miocene. Fish A world apart Australia is an island continent. The geological record shows that it has been isolated for 50 million years, ever since plate movements (pp. 12–13) caused the continent A boxing kangaroo to drift away from Antarctica. This is the reason why many of the native mammals in Australia are unique.

They are common fossils in Mesozoic rocks and about 10,000 species are alive today. They have spore cases on the underside of their leaves. Tree ferns such as Psaronius grew alongside club moss trees in the coal forests of the Carboniferous (pp. 40–41). Most modern tree ferns are not closely related to these Paleozoic forms but belong to two families which appeared in the Jurassic. The leaves of the now-extinct seed ferns often resemble true fern leaves but they were, in fact, relatives of more advanced, seed-bearing plants (pp.

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