Freshwater Crayfish: A Global Overview by Tadashi Kawai, Zen Faulkes, Gerhard Scholtz

By Tadashi Kawai, Zen Faulkes, Gerhard Scholtz

For their nice advertisement significance as a human meals delicacy, crayfish at the moment are changing into of wider curiosity to molecular biologists, and likewise to conservationists since in a few nations a few of the local crayfish species are lower than chance from human task, illness, and pageant from different brought crayfish species. Helmed by way of 3 editors in Japan, Europe, and the USA, this publication invitations contributions from specialists around the world, overlaying the conservation prestige and biology of all endangered species, taxonomy, and distribution of crayfishes worldwide.

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2005). It is possible that the combination of geographic barriers, low mobility and past geological events has prevented crayfish species from reaching the maximum possible distribution. Thus, the native distribution for a given crayfish species may underestimate the range of suitable climatic conditions for that species. Additionally, species distribution models for generalist species may be more difficult to create than specialist species, because specialists tend to have resource requirements that are easily extracted and predicted by models (Evangelista et al.

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