Freshwater Snails Of Africa And Their Medical Importance by David S Brown

By David S Brown

The 1st half this booklet is basically a scientific survey of the snails, starting with glossaries, keys for identity to genera and a list of species. this is often by means of a synopsis of species, with short notes on ecology, distribution and parasites. Relationships are then defined among snails and schistosomes and with different parasites. The publication is going directly to think about the criteria affecting snail populations and attainable tools for inhabitants keep an eye on.

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11f). Armiger (p. 179) B Shell may be larger (10–20 mm diameter) or if small then without wide-spaced ribs (Fig. 3 FRESHWATER SNAILS OF AFRICA 31 Fig. 11. Physidae and Planorbidae. (a) Physa acuta. (b) Planorbis planorbis. (c) Biomphalaria angulosa, (d) Helisoma duryi. (e) Segmentorbis angustus (guide line indicates internal lamellae), (f) Armiger crista. (g) Ceratophallus natalensis. Scale lines: 1 mm (e–g) or 2 mm (a–d). A broken line indicates the underside in (c) and the diameter of the umbilicus in (g).

Figs 17d–f. 13 mm. Spire prominent, columellar edge toothed; similar to N. oweniana in the yellowish-brown colour and dark patterns (Binder, 1957). DISTRIBUTION. Gambia to Cameroon (DBL) and Gabon (BMNH, Fig. 17d). Neritina cristata Morelet, 1864. Type locality: Gabon, Como River. Fig. 17g. 16 mm. Like N. oweniana but spire more prominent and columellar edge always toothed (Binder, 1957). Mature shell usually with an expansion of the upper lip forming a subsutural ridge, to which the species owes its name.

B. hightoni Brown & Wright B. truncatus/tropicus complex B. ) B. permembranaceus (Preston) 40 SYSTEMATIC SYNOPSIS: INTRODUCTION, GLOSSARY, IDENTIFICATION KEYS, CHECKLIST B. depressus Haas B. hexaploidus Burch B. natalensis (Küster) B. nyassanus (Smith) B. octoploidus Burch B. succinoides (Smith) B. transversalis (Martens) B. trigonus (Martens) B. tropicus (Krauss) B. truncatus (Audouin) B. forskalii group B. forskalii (Ehrenberg) B. scalaris (Dunker) B. ) B. senegalensis (Müller) B. -B. B. ) B.

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