Frontier Worlds (Doctor Who) by Peter Anghelides

By Peter Anghelides

One other experience of the time-travelling health care professional Who, within which the Tardis workforce are lured to the mysterious planet Drebnar.

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That’s when she falls. He lets out a huge wail of horror. She falls silently, spiralling out of reach in the blaze of colour and silence. Her face is composed, unemotional. Soon she is lost in the maelstrom of the vortex. The Doctor closes his eyes, feeling the anger and frustration flood through him. And holding the earpiece in his hand. Deep, shuddering breaths. Thin, cold air penetrating, filling empty lungs. Hearts forcing reoxygenated blood around a frozen, healing body. Morning at last. 41 Chapter Seven ‘The House I Live In’ The last works bus rattles along the drenched streets, its wheels hissing on the film of water that never seems to drain away from the roads during the evening.

This inarticulate contribution magically defused the situation. Kupteyn dropped me and shoved me aside like an expensive election promise. Merdock had the decency to pretend nothing had happened, even as I reassembled the contents of my food tray from the canteen floor. ’ I could see her across the canteen at a quiet corner table, scowling at me. ’ ‘She wasn’t expecting me,’ said Merdock glumly. He was in deep, the big dumb galoot. I almost felt sorry that he’d taken the bounce. ‘She says she doesn’t need company right now.

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