Frontiers of Physics: 1900–1911: Selected Essays by MILLER


P. W. Bridgman and the specified idea oj Relativity Ey W. Bridgman wrote A S,phi,ticati< him" (1962) for the reader "who feels the necessity to stand again a bit for a severe scrutiny of what he has fairly obtained" (SP, p. 3). * This was once his own trademark as physicist and philoso­ pher and it truly is current in every single place in Bridgman's summary of targeted relativity concept. The reissue of Sophisticate's Primer is very wel­ come for it shows a quest for readability in foundations within the variety of Ernst Mach and Henri Poincare, in whose philo- • N.B. Papers and books are right here mentioned as follows. Bridgman (1927) refers to Bridgman's publication The common sense of contemporary Physics within the bibliography. Cross-references to Sophisticate's Primer are indicated with the code (SP, p. "'). Bridgman's extant manuscripts are on deposit on the Harvard college data, and right here brought up by way of date, for instance (MS 2 August 1959, p .... ). a few of the manuscripts have been written over a interval of days, with sequential paging, with the particular dates indicated. complete citations are given within the bibliography. i'm thankful to the Harvard college documents for permission to cite from those fabrics, and to Bridgman's daughter, Mrs. Jane Koopman, for allowing me to cite from the draft manuscripts of Sophisticate's Primer, on the way to be deposited within the Harvard documents. Reprinted from P. W. Bridgman. Sophisticate's Primer of Relativity, moment version. Middletown, CT: Wesleyan college Press, 1983.

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We can well believe that Poincare was, as he put it, in "parfait accord" with the "beaux travaux" of Lorentz. Lorentz's 1904 theory of the electron was really the culmination of over a decade of painstaking work and interaction by Lorentz and Poincare. 16 Miller. J. ~ )1t:(I)I~~,tr ~ -Xjv" 2/... <,~ ...... 'tq;' ,>-1 I I 1£ 'cr.. dl-t ,,:} /' l

5. 5-14. 385-92 (1895); reprinted in Oeuvres de Henri Poincare. Vol. 9 (Gauthier-Villars. Paris. 1934-1954. pp. 369-426)(this volume is referred to as Oeuvres), and "Sur les rapports de la Physique experimentale et de la Physique mathematique," Rapports presentes au Congres international de Physique reuni Paris en /900, Vol. 1 (Gauthier-Villars, Paris. 1900). pp. 1-29; translated as ch. IX and X. pp. 140-182. of H. Poincare. Science and Hypothesis (Dover. New York. 1952). a 5. Briefly, Lorentz invented the contraction hypothesis to explain a single experiment, and he derived its mathematical form from Newton's law for the addition of velocities, which the theorem of corresponding states was supposed to have obviated.

2. :: £1 .. ,. -7· IT,. " ~A! "I-) Developments in Relativity t. 4. 4 ~ -:h~ ... L. _ /, .. /,,1.. e (;I h. ; '- '--~ .. ",. f. J '''''7 ~ 1'/a he ... L.. ~.. ,;4:-... ,. Li-;-;;; ?........ ,' n' L-'z.. JI-I-J -<' ::7 LL~ HA Z-. t/ I ..... ,' t .. : -z. :f-A':J~-~ J. d. L. r7// z. L;J ·7/ .... :r 5- . ~ . " L ,I, " ~'t. 4.. ,. ".. 4 .... 4 .. -r->" ~. c..... f. L-< .. - .. :; ~ ~ -J-<-J .... ;t' j "/,'y" .. ,':7. 7 Letter from H. A. Lorentz to H. Poincare, 1906. 20 ~ Miller. Other Approaches to ElectrodynaJnics in 1905 85 history of relativity theory.

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