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5 m 6XV1 850-2LE50 •1m 6XV1 850-2LH10 •2m 6XV1 850-2LH20 •6m 6XV1 850-2LH60 • 10 m 6XV1 850-2LN10 2/34 Siemens IK PI · 2005 Order No. 5 m 6XV1 850-2SE50 •1m 6XV1 850-2SH10 •2m 6XV1 850-2SH20 •6m 6XV1 850-2SH60 • 10 m 6XV1 850-2SN10 IE TP Converter Cord 15/RJ45 TP connecting cable 2 x 2 for connecting data terminals with RJ45 interfaces to the ITP cabling system; with a 15-pole Sub-D socket with slide locking and an RJ45 connector. 5 m 6XV1 850-2EE50 •1m 6XV1 850-2EH20 IE FC Outlet RJ45 For connection Industrial Ethernet FC cables and TP Cords; graded prices from 10 and 50 units 6GK1 901-1FC00-0AA0 IE FC RJ45 Modular Outlet FastConnect RJ45 Outlet for Industrial Ethernet with interface for a replaceable insert; • without replaceable insert 6GK1 901-1BE00-0AA0 • With 2FE insert; replaceable insert for 2 x 100 Mbit/s interfaces 6GK1 901-1BE00-0AA1 • With 1GE insert; replaceable insert for 1 x 1000 Mbit/s interfaces 6GK1 901-1BE00-0AA2 • with power insert; replaceable insert for 1 x 24 V DC and 1 x 100 Mbit/s interface 6GK1 901-1BE00-0AA3 Manual for IE TP and fiber-optic networks Paper version network architecture, components, configurations, mounting guidelines • German 6GK1 970-1BA10-0AA0 • English 6GK1 970-1BA10-0AA1 SIMATIC NET Manual Collection Electronic manuals for communication systems, communication protocols and communication products 6GK1 975-1AA00-3AA0 ■ More information Note: Additional components of the SIMATIC NET wiring range can be ordered from your local contact person.

Resistant to interference thanks to rugged metal casing and flexible mounting possibilities (standard rail mounting, screw fixing) • Reliable shield contact and strain relief thanks to bolt-on cover • Preventing mistakes with the help of color markings ■ Application The IE FC Outlet RJ45 is used as a transition from the rugged Industrial Ethernet FC cables used in the industrial environment to prefabricated TP Cord cables (10/100 Mbit/s) using an RJ45 socket. g. 16 outlets over 19“; width). • Easy installation of structured Twisted Pair cabling.

Com Note: Additional installation instructions can be found in the manual for ITP and fiber-optic-networks. Industrial Ethernet Passive network components Overview of fiber-optic cables ■ Overview ■ Application • Optical signal transmission • No radiation along the cable • Unaffected by external noise fields • No grounding problems • Electrical isolation • Low weight • Easy routing A fiber-optic cable serves to transmit signals by means of electromagnetic waves in the area of optical frequencies.

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