Gem and Ornamental Materials of Organic Origin by Maggie Campbell Pedersen

By Maggie Campbell Pedersen

The fabrics coated within the publication contain Amber and Copal; Jet; Ivory; Bone; Antler; Rhino horn; Horn; Tortoiseshell; Pearl; Shell; Coral, and different fabrics of plant and animal starting place which have been used as gem or decorative fabric. The publication describes the right way to realize them and the way to tell apart them from the fabrics most typically used to mimic them, for instance plastic.A entire record of fabrics is integrated and every is gifted with info of its beginning, availability and conservation prestige, examples of, and a quick heritage of, their use. Organics healthy jointly due to their origins, simply because they're regularly used jointly, have related histories and have been the earliest gem fabrics used.200 colour photos are incorporated for ease of reference and identity, permitting you to spot this fabric by means of sight, heading off the standard gemological exams which wreck them.Organics take place in glossy and old jewellery, in ornamental goods and in a few furnishings, and this booklet attracts the entire details jointly to supply the 1st entire assessment of the subject.* a different reference ebook comprehensively documenting natural fabrics* hugely illustrated colour stuffed booklet for ease of reference* examine the heritage and the way to spot natural fabric"

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It is still mined in those areas today. T h e good-quality amber was used for decorative purposes while the off-cuts and poorquality material was boiled down in oil, thinned and used as a hard varnish for wood, especially for musical string insmments or for ships. The Eumpean Golden Age of amber work was in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries when master camem, often foreign, were employed by the royal courts to work in amber, ivory and precious metals. Even royalty themselves dabbled in working the materials.

Today q e p w r y glue h taken its place. Due to its wlour, jet is ideal for use in combination with other rnaterid~such as ivory, for m p l e as cameo doublets, with a jet back topped by an ivory carving, or as triplets of jet, ivoq and jet. It has dso been used to kame painted miniarures or shell cameos. Jet has been used in mosaics, for example the Florenrine mosaics called 'piem dura', which combined coloured stones. In the past jet j d e r y w a s seldom mounted with a m d surround. Today it is mostly mounted in silver.

It has a bright, glassy lustre and can contain air bubbles or display molrks from moulding. Being glass, French jet has a conchoidd hcture. It is usual to see lots of d h c t u r e s where it has shattered, rather than a single break. 4 'French jet' glass beads. 5 Detail of bog o&, with typical motif. 6 Jet s i m u h t showing uneven colour. T h e following are dl man-made polymers that were used in the early to mid-twentieth century, and resemble jet. They may be encountered in the antiques world today.

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