General Practice: A Sector General Omnibus by James WHITE

By James WHITE

Hardcover: 510 pages writer: Orb/Tom Doherty (2003) Language: English ISBN-10: 0739433873 ISBN-13: 978-0739433874 Product Dimensions: 8.3 x 5.8 x 1.2 inches delivery Weight: 1.4 kilos

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The medical team,” it went on, ignoring Cha Thrat’s confusion, “which is led by the Cinrusskin empath, Prilicla, also comprises Pathologist Murchison, an Earth-human female; Charge Nurse Naydrad, a Kelgian experienced in space rescue work; and myself. My job is to use the shape-changing ability to reach and render first aid to casualties who might be trapped in areas inaccessible to beings of limited physical adaptability, and do whatever I can to help the injured until the rescue crew is able to extricate and move them to the ambulance ship for rapid transfer to the hospital here.

I suppose not,” Chiang said. ” The empath returned to the ceiling. ” “Friend Edanelt,” the empath said gently, with a brief glance in the direction of the gallery, “we are all aware, with the exception of the newest member of our staff, that you consider as merely adequate the kind of surgery which Conway himself would describe as exemplary. ” “That was my thought as well,” the Melfan said. There was a rapid, irregular tapping of its six boney feet, and it turned to face the observation gallery.

Chiang barked quietly but did not speak. “A question,” Cha Thrat said. ” O’Mara turned its head to regard her for a long moment, then it exhaled loudly and said, “I had expected your first question to be more … profound. But very well. The sound is called laughing, not barking, and in most cases it is a psychophysical mechanism for the release of minor degrees of tension. An Earth-human laughs because of a sudden relief from worry or fear, or to express scorn or disbelief or sarcasm, or in response to words or a situation that is ridiculous, illogical, or funny, or out of politeness when the situation or words are not funny but the person responsible is of high rank.

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