Genesis by W.A. Harbinson

By W.A. Harbinson

The 1st novels within the ''Projekt Saucer'' series traced the origins of the alarming worldwide conspiracy at the back of the sinister unidentified flying object phenomenon and published the ultra-secret medical association dependable. ''Genesis'' exposes the following strikes of this terrible cabal to enslave and subvert humanity.

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This monograph summarizes result of examine in a few floor phenomena, saw in mechanical remedy and friction. particularly, the publication is dedicated to pressing difficulties of the technology of friction and put on and gives perception into the mechanism of the phenomena that reason, at the one hand, anomalously low coefficients of friction and put on (the so-called selective move) and at the different, dramatic damages of the outside layers in the course of sliding (hydrogen put on of metals).

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From: The Shaldron RaceTo: The Human RaceGreetings:Your presence on the earth has been famous and the cause of your stopover at analyzed through our tools. we've, hence, taken the freedom of choosing considered one of your celebration for our first touch, one whom we believe is most suitable to understand the motivations of either our races and organize for destiny team contacts.

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Four. Telesurgery and telepsychiatry. Telediagnosis is now being utilized between Massachusetts General Hospital and Boston Logan International Airport, between numerous California hospitals, and between two hospitals in Edinburgh, Scotland. Also, a telesurgery linkup has been established between Massachusetts General Hospital and the Bedford Veteran's Administration Hospital eighteen miles away. In all these areas the computer becomes more predominant. 'It is also to be noted that many bioengineers are now claiming that computer and human brain will soon be directly linked.

He coughed into his fist a bit embarrassed by her conversation, and tried not to look at the breasts thrusting out from her tight dress. The woman was obviously wealthy, a bit jaded, worldly wise, but her strange, oblique statements filled him with a sense of foreboding. He thought the woman might be drunk. He glanced briefly at her eyes. The woman looked drawn and very tired, but he still thought her sexy. Richard shifted uncomfortably. A guilty flush burned his checks. He thought of Jenny back in London, of the two weeks ahead of him, and he silently cursed his primitive lust and wondered how men survived it.

There was no lightning,' he said. 'No thunder, no lightning - just the rain. ' That's right' Richard shrugged and drank some gin and passed the flask to the woman, saw the skepticism clearly in her eyes and looked back at the road. 'Okay,' he said. ' He sighed much too loudly. The woman's eyes turned toward him. She shrugged and put the flask to her lips, driving dangerously fast 'No,' she said. 'It was too quick for that. ' Richard shook his bead wearily, feeling drunk, a bit disturbed, gazing out at the cold, descending evening, at the vast, bloody sky.

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