Glimpses of the God Man Meher Baba Vol. VI by Bal Natu

By Bal Natu

As Baba started to stroll, His sandals received caught within the dust, so He easily left them and persisted to stroll rapidly, barefooted, in the direction of the assembly pandal. a few of His fanatics eyed his footprints closely. via this easy act, Baba was once engaging within the inconveniences that the pilgrims have been dealing with. This probably insignificant incident had a profound impact on a tender Baba lover from Dehra Dun, the youngest of the pilgrims; he was once basically 16. On his arrival at the past night, he abhorred the muddy pathways. At one aspect his ft had gotten caught, and he had idea, "Does Baba even recognize the pain that jogging during this dust factors us? he'll are available in His motor vehicle donning cozy sandals!" This boy occurred to be close to the kitchen while Baba visited the eating corridor. As he checked out Baba, his suggestion from the former night got here again to him. At that second, he observed Baba?’s sandals get caught within the dust, and saw how Baba left them instantly and persisted on His means with naked toes. He instantly felt sorry for his concepts, and later confessed his mistake tearfully to Baba. those that come into the affection orbit of the Avatar obtain well timed and demanding responses to their doubts and concerns via His exterior activities or His informal comments. there are various such circumstances, however it isn?’t attainable to recount all of them right here.

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While outwardly their activities may have seemed irrational, in truth they were performing the extraordinary task of unveiling Merwan to His status as the Ancient One and bringing Him down from that exalted experience of Oneness with God to the total awareness of creation. The "kiss" from Babajan was, to my way of thinking, actually a "kick" that caused Merwan to be reabsorbed in His Ancient One State. A small sharp stone, flung by Maharaj and drawing blood where it hit Merwan on the forehead, was like a divine kiss that spurred Him on to descend to the total awareness of creation to play His eternal role as the Avatar.

When everyone had entered Upasni Nagar, just outside the premises of the Ashram proper, Baba stopped at the newly built house of Yeshwant Rao, that same devoted disciple of Maharaj who had served Him so faithfully three decades before. This "housewarming" celebration began with the garlanding of Baba and the breaking of coconuts. The pieces of coconut meat were then distributed as Baba's prasad, along with pieces of sugar candy: a sweet beginning to a memorable visit at Sakori. The warmth of Baba's compassionate companionship was flowing, radiating from His silent divine presence.

Deshmukh and I drove back to Ahmednagar. On reaching the city, Adi apprised Sarosh of his conversations with Baba about the darshan program. Sarosh diligently took up the work of fixing the dates of Dr. Deshmukh's talks in different towns. Owing to his eminent social standing, Sarosh received prompt and favorable responses from prominent people. So on May 17, Dr. Deshmukh gave his first talk in Ahmednagar. Since this day coincided with the full-moon day of Vaishaka, the birthday of Lord Buddha, Dr.

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