Glory Lane by Alan Dean Foster

By Alan Dean Foster

A bored punk rocker, a dumb good looks in basic terms in buying and a no-hoper yearning attractiveness are the not going trio who carry the destiny of the universe of their palms during this fast-moving technological know-how Fiction story from the writer of "Icerigger", "Cachalot" and "Into the Out Of".

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Miranda's ex-boyfriend wasn't going to get his machine back in like-new condition. " Kerwin couldn't tell if Rail was being deliberately evasive, was just concentrating on the road ahead, or was actually telling the truth. " He turned back to Seeth, who continued to stare over the back of the captain's chair at Miranda. " "Sounds like an abbreviation, man. Hey, you're the college boy. Isn't that one of your pet words? " Rail shook his head and Kerwin assumed it meant the same thing on Prufillia it did on Earth—unless you were from Bulgaria.

Hold on. " "I said liberate. Admittedly, it would be up to a court to draw the requisite distinctions. " Seeth asked him. " "Got to get a group together. Can't waste all these names. " "I refer to it as a he because it makes for simpler semantics. No, he's right here. " Kerwin's eyes searched the van. " "Hardly. Come on, Izmir, reveal yourself. " With his right foot he nudged the bowling ball that lay close to his leg. It rolled forward slightly and bounced off the engine housing. For the first time all night Seeth and Kerwin wore similar expressions.

The blue eye turned toward him by migrating through the fluidlike body. The Astarach promptly turned a bright candy-apple red, the kind of red usually seen on show cars at fancy auto expositions. "Pretty good. " Izmir became a bright, hot pink. "Wild! How's that for matching accessories? Every girl needs an alien to go with her handbag. " Kerwin eyed the smaller man pityingly. "Seeth, this is an alien lifeform. " Clearly, the entire cosmos was conspiring to prove that he was the biggest idiot alive, because Izmir the Astarach's flanks shifted and flowed to form half a dozen unrecognizable shapes.

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