Healthy Aging For Dummies by Brent Agin, Sharon Perkins

By Brent Agin, Sharon Perkins

Desk of Contents-

Part I: so that you are looking to feel and appear younger Forever.

Chapter 1: The Fountain of teenybopper, at Your Fingertips.

Chapter 2: The 4 significant wellbeing and fitness issues approximately getting older (and the right way to hinder Them).

Chapter three: comparing Your overall healthiness and heritage and atmosphere pursuits for Wellness.

Part II: Workin' in your Framework.

Chapter four: placing Your top Face Forward.

Chapter five: Loving the surface You're In.

Chapter 6: construction Bones and conserving Joints.

Part III: utilizing food to increase Your Expiration Date.

Chapter 7: you're What You devour: meals 101.

Chapter eight: Supplementing Your day-by-day Diet.

Part IV: Getting Physical.

Chapter nine: holding a fit Weight and health Level.

Chapter 10: Strengthening Your Heart.

Chapter eleven: development and Fine-Tuning fit Muscles.

Part V: polishing the All-Important brain and Spirit.

Chapter 12: preserving Your brain and reminiscence in Tip-Top Shape.

Chapter thirteen: lowering pressure to reside an extended, greater Life.

Chapter 14: ZZZ . . . The endless value of an excellent Night's Sleep.

Chapter 15: Don't fear, feel free: The Keys to keeping wellbeing and fitness and Vitality.

Part VI: The a part of Tens.

Chapter sixteen: Ten scientific Myths which may impact Your Health.

Chapter 17: Ten meals that can assist you Age Healthfully.

Chapter 18: Ten brain video games to spice up Your Brainpower.

Chapter 19: Ten how one can Make your house more secure as You Age.

Appendix: health and wellbeing, way of life, and background Self-Assessment.


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