Heat Pumps for the Home by John Cantor

By John Cantor

Lately, warmth pumps have emerged as a promising new type of know-how with a comparatively low environmental impression. furthermore, they've got awarded homeowners with a chance to minimize their heating accounts. warmth pumps can warmth a development by way of 'pumping' warmth from both the floor or the air outdoor: an interesting technique which makes use of rules which are just a little analogous to these hired within the domestic Read more...


in recent times, warmth pumps have emerged as a promising new kind of expertise with a comparatively low environmental effect. additionally, they've got provided homeowners with a chance to reduce Read more...

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Our options are either to generate energy from the natural forces of the waves, wind or rivers, collecting energy from the sun, or by reducing our needs through insulation and minimizing waste. Clearly a mix of strategies is needed. Heat pumps are sometimes categorized alongside renewables like wind, wave, solar and hydro, but heat pumps are only partly renewable since, at the present time, the energy input that is required is rarely from a renewable source. On the other hand, unlike most other renewables, they can operate on-demand at any time.

Example COPs with different input and output temperatures. Seasonal Performance Factor (SPF) The seasonal performance factor attempts to compensate for this and is a measure of the total heat delivered by the system divided by the total energy input over one year. The input should also include any pumps or power used by integral top-up electric heating elements. Few people are familiar with this meaning of the term SPF, so we usually refer to COP in cases where either term would do. CHAPTER 4 METHODS OF PUMPING HEAT There is more than one method of transferring heat from a cold object to a hot one.

A simple heat-pump can be made using the principle of compression and expansion of a gas. However, the energy efficiency and effectiveness of such a system is poor. It is only used somewhat crudely, but very effectively, for cooling within aircraft. A far more efficient heat-transfer method involves the change of state of a fluid from vapour to liquid and liquid to vapour. When something changes state, there can be a large exchange of energy, for example, to boil a kettle dry and convert all its water into steam will take several minutes.

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