Heir of Autumn by Giles Carwyn

By Giles Carwyn

Teenagers of the Seasons rule the city-state of Ohndarien, a bastion of freedom and justice in a brutal global. yet their brightest superstar, Brophy, the inheritor of Autumn, has been falsely accused of homicide, and the utopia falls to treachery and deceit. Exiled to an enemy nation, Brophy's in simple terms wish for survival lies within the lethal gladiatorial online game of 9 Squares—and within the doubtful favors of a pretty queen. And Ohndarien's fight for peace and liberty falls less than deeper shadow while evil powers, misplaced for hundreds of years, wake within the desert, and an old terror walks the realm back.

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His voice was soft and difficult to hear as he spoke the ritual words. “I would give my blood to the blood of Ohndarien. I would make her troubles my troubles, her joys my duties. ” Hazel closed her eyes and bowed her doughy head. The snowy-haired Jayden rose to her feet, her hand clenched in a fist. Vallia’s left eyebrow twitched. Baelandra held her composure, her bearing attentive and concerned as always. “Brothers and Sisters of the Council,” Celidon continued. ” Tentatively reaching out with her power, Shara looked deep within the young man’s eyes and saw nothing but fear.

About forty people lingered on the forecastle of the singlemasted ship. High-ranking Children of the Seasons chatted with the ambassador’s entourage. The Ohohhim ship was exquisite in its simplicity. The gray wood of her decks shone like an oiled blade. The diplomat’s ship had none of the bloody-minded carvings of a vessel from Kherif or the gaudy colors of a slave ship from Vizar. The empire on the far side of the Great Ocean kept their ships simple and elegant. Krellis appreciated a well-crafted vessel, but he would happily burn the bitch to the waterline if it would get him off her a second earlier.

If they remained faithful. Shara took her place next to Caleb, the most senior of the male students. She subtly pulled her foot out of her sandal and ran a toe down the inside of his calf. The boy cracked a small smile, but continued to stare straight ahead, concentrating on his breathing. Of all the older boys, Caleb was the most fun to tease. He was sweet to the bone, but so solemn. She tried to trip him up whenever she could. Unable to get a rise out of him, she turned to study the crowd making its way toward the Hall.

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