High-Energy Physics with Polarized Beams and Polarized by J. Buon (auth.), C. Joseph, J. Soffer (eds.)

By J. Buon (auth.), C. Joseph, J. Soffer (eds.)

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The perturbation of emitting a photon whose energy deviates from the mean value by öE is given by 0 0 0 0 öX 0 (3) - öE/Eo 0 0 Decomposing into eigencomponents, one has (4) The projection coefficients A±I,±II,±III give the contributions of synchrotron radiation to the x,y,z-emittances. The coefficients A±IV give the contribution to spin diffusion. In a storage ring, the diffusion in the x,y,z-emittances are counteracted by the usual radiation damping. B The balance between these two effects determines the equilibrium emittances of the beam.

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Edward Garwin, Roger Miller, and Charles Prescott of SLAC have joined on various aspccts of the work reported here. Art Gossard and Robert Miller of Bell Laboratories have been very helpful in supplying the multilayer samples, andin interpreting our results. Finally, J. E. Andrews of the Research Triangle Institute has supplied the ZnSiAs2 samples, and is developing growth techniques for CdSiAs2. REFERENCES l. 2. 3. C. Y. , Phys. Lett. 77B, 347 (1978); and Phys. Lett. 84B, 524 (1979)~-~K.

Knowing the lattice of a given storage ring, we multiply the transformation matrices of all the EM devices successively around the ring, starting with position s, to obtain a total transformation matrix for one revolution. It will be designated by T(s). T(s) has four eigenstates: three orbital states and one spin state; each eigenstate being defined by 17 A. W. Chao a complex conjugate pair of eigenvectors of T(s). Any perturbation to the vector X at position s, such as the recoil perturbation resulted from emitting a synchrotron photon, can be projected onto the four eigenstates.

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