Highway of Eternity by Clifford D. Simak

By Clifford D. Simak

Two present-day investigators race throughout time to flee malevolent extraterrestrial beings from the longer term and their negative "gift" of immortality during this technological know-how fiction vintage.

What is the cost of everlasting lifestyles? undercover agent Jay Corcoran is set to profit the reply whilst his research into an inexplicable disappearance consists of him and journalist buddy Tom Boone enormous quantities of years into the earlier. Corcoran and Boone's strong extrasensory skills make them a complicated transportation method via time and again to the bucolic 18th-century English nation-state. There, they find a relations from the far-off destiny that's hiding from the Immortals - an alien race that, many centuries on, is seducing human matters with the promise of immortality. however the fee of existence everlasting is the corporeal self, and there's no position within the extraterrestrial beings' destiny for an individual unwilling to exist as brain on my own.

Now that the Evans family's sanctuary has been breached, get away is the one resolution - for Tom Boone and Jay Corcoran to boot - and the one means out is forward...far ahead. yet racing via house and time could be a detrimental career, specially with tremendous beasts, killer robots, and Immortal physique destroyers ready at each juncture.

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David,' Horace, Enid, and Timothy were shoving and tugging at it. Emma stood to one side, loudly lamenting. "We should give them a hand," said Corcoran. Boone and he loped across the lawn. " Boone asked a panting Horace. "Pull it free," gasped Horace. " With the extra manpower, the craft was wrenched free from the soil and turned over. Horace and David attacked what seemed to be a panel set into the side of it. Slowly the panel yielded to their clawing fingers, then popped open. David threw himself into the opening, crawled for a ways, then began backing out.

Off and on I see him. He is confined to the bubble around Hopkins Acre. I am the only one of you who can pass through the bubble without the help of time. I do some wandering. "The wandering's all right, if that is what you want to do," said Horace. "But I wish you would cease your pestering of the natives. They look on you as a ghost. " They like it, said Henry. Their lives are dry and dull. They enjoy being scared. They huddle in their chimney comers and tell one another tales. If it were not for me, they'd not have those tales to tell.

For years, you have not felt the warmth of honest sunlight. "You are almost never in the house," said Horace. " I live by sunlight. Henry told him. Certainly you are HIGHWAY OF ETERNITY 19 aware of that. The energy I pluck from the sun is what keeps me going. But it's not only the sun; it is other things as well. The sweet scent of pasture roses, the singing of the birds, the feel of naked soil, the whisper or the howling of the wind, the great, sweeping bowl of sky, the solid majesty of trees.

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