Hilldiggers (Novel of the Polity) by Neal Asher

By Neal Asher

In the course of a struggle among planets within the related sunlight procedure every one occupied via tailored people what's regarded as a cosmic superstring is chanced on. After being lower, this item collapses into 4 cylindrical items, every one in regards to the measurement of a tube educate. each one is densely full of both alien know-how or a few type of existence. they're put for security in 3 ozark cylinders of a vastly safe area station. There a feminine study scientist as a consequence falls pregnant, and provides start to quads. Then she commits suicide yet why? by way of the top of the warfare one of many contesting planets has been devastated by means of the hilldiggers monstrous area dreadnoughts using guns able to developing mountain levels. The quads have in the meantime grown up and are assuming positions of strength within the post-war society. one among them will ultimately achieve keep an eye on of the impressive hilldiggers ...

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Hilldiggers (Novel of the Polity)

In the course of a battle among planets within the related sun approach every one occupied by way of tailored people what's considered a cosmic superstring is found. After being lower, this item collapses into 4 cylindrical items, every one concerning the dimension of a tube teach. every one is densely full of both alien expertise or a few form of existence.

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Geronamid is an AI sited, mostly, inside one large vessel. " They sat there looking puzzled, then the penny dropped. "Fuck," said Yishna. " I suggested. I know that the Procul Harum set out just before the Quiet War—that time when the AIs displaced humans as the rulers of humanity and took over in the Solar System, in a conflict surprisingly without resort to massive exterminations. The ship ran on a rather dodgy U-space drive and carried 6,000 passengers in hibernation mode, plus 50,000 frozen embryos and the requisite equipment to start building a civilisation.

You must remain in or return to your cabin, and don your survival suit. " I asked. " Only one green light left now. "Now you must proceed to an escape-pod and enter it quickly. The emergency is level three. " Now all four lights displayed that black-banded yellow. " He turned towards the curtain. " I asked quickly, wanting to delay his departure. A moment ago I had spotted someone lurking beyond the curtain, and I didn't want him to pull it aside only to reveal that there was no one there. "Just so," he replied, turning back to me.

I asked. The woman placed her load down on the floor and, utterly ignored by the lieutenant, turned to go. "Thank you," I said, smiling at her from where I still sat cross-legged on my mattress, though I wasn't yet sure what for. She appeared startled by that, then smiled tentatively before ducking through the curtain. The lieutenant just turned his head away from this exchange as if embarrassed to be witnessing it. I knew the Fleet was patriarchal, but his behaviour struck me as plain rude. "I don't know your name," I said.

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