Industrial Democracy as Process: Participatory Action in the by Davydd J. Greenwood, Jose Luis Gonzalez Santos

By Davydd J. Greenwood, Jose Luis Gonzalez Santos

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This permitted the team to accomplish visible results in a relatively short-term and thus to maintain momentum. 7 million. Xerox management largely implemented the final, integrated set of changes proposed within 8 months and the jobs were saved. Xerox and the union have since written this kind of activity into their contract and have extended these practices throughout the organization. In the aggregate, their application is gradually resulting in a substantW. transformation of the corporation.

While it may appear that happenstance played an important role in the creation and development of this project, the link between this kind of research process and Fagor is not fortuitous. Participatory action research is a technique for organizational learning, for fomenting and guiding organizational change processes. Fagor, as a large-scale organization with complex structures, operates in a dynamic and competitive environment. It is a "socio-economic" system, requiring that it measure the effects of social and economic decisions in relation to each other, to avoid damaging essential features of the cooperative structure while adapting to changing circumstances.

Until recently, European nations had a modest middle class. Development will not occur until the rate of capital formation exceeds the rate of population growth. This eradicates the distinction between social science and journalism by simplifying the heterogeneous reality of any group into average values which substitute for analysis. Intervention strategies are not likely to succeed when focused on averages. The alternative is a ''non-parametric'' approach. Here we study social and cultural systems through the heterogeneity they can contain.

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