Information Modeling by David Edmond

By David Edmond

Info modeling is a severe procedure in content material administration. This booklet presents uncomplicated recommendations of data versions and explains easy methods to layout database in response to information research and SQL versions. It additionally presents case reports of database layout according to details modeling suggestions.

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2 Negation ✜✎✮✄✹ The operator negates or reverses its argument. 1 Ann is not 31 years old. We can state that Ann is 31 as follows: ✛✄✼✬✫ ✙✁✜✂✜☛❬ ➆ ❸★✧ ❱ To claim that she is not 31, we prefix the above sentence with the word ✜✎✮✄✹➈✛✄✼✬✫ ✙✁✜✂✜☛❬ ➆ ❸★✧ ❱ ➆ ✜✬✮✄✹✷➁✬➂ ➆ ❸★✧ ➆ ✜✬✮✄✹➇✽✯✛✯✚✬✥✢✫ ➆ ✹✁✭✁❆✎✫ It is ✹✂✭✄❆✎✫ ✜✎✮✄✹ . to say that Ann’s age is not 31. 2 Alan does not speak French. ✜✎✮✄✹❏✥❈✶✎✫✁✛✄❂✠✥ ✙✬✚✁✛✢✜✲❨❻➑✂✭✬✫✢✜★■❊❇☛❬ ❱ ➆ ✜✬✮✄✹✷✹✂✭✁❆✎✫ ➆ ✽✂✛✯✚✬✥✢✫ ✽✯✛✂✚✬✥✢✫ It is to say that Alan does not speak French.

The domain of this injection is the set of people who are married and the range of that function is the set of people to whom they are married. Of course these two sets should be the same, and so: ✰✯✮❈✳➛✥❈✶✎✮❅❆★✥✢✫ ➆ ✭✬✛✢✜✤✥❈✶✎✮✢❆★✥❅✫ This is an example of a general statement or rule about marriages. 1 Function Application Suppose that, again, we are presented with some additional information regarding the circle of people. ✞✠✟☛✡✌☞✎✍✑✏✌✒✔✓✖✕❀➜ Mark is Alan’s father. The relationship between a person and that person’s father is a functional one – we can only have one father.

The relationship between a person and that person’s father is a functional one – we can only have one father. This can be specified as: ✽✯✛✄✹✁❇✬✫✄✭➌❣ ✫✄✭✠✥❅✮✢✜ ➍↕ ❜❝ ✫✄✭✠✥✢✮❅✜ ❲ ❲ 30 Chapter 2 ✽✯✛✄✹✁❇✎✫✢✭ The function is partial. We do not know everybody’s father. In fact, we appear to know only Alan’s. ✽✯✛✄✹✁❇✬✫✄✭ ✙✎✚✄✛✢✜☛❬ ➆ ❁ ✛✄✭✁❂ ❱ Function application is the name given to the symbolic expression formed by applying a function to its argument or arguments. The following terms are all examples of function application: ✛✄✼✬✫ ◆✎✮✢€☛❬ ❱ ✽✯✛✄✹✁❇✬✫✄✭ ✙✎✚✄✛✢✜☛❬ ❱ ✥❈✶✎✮✢❆✠✥✢✫ ❁ ✛✢✭✂❂★❬ ❱ These are symbolic expressions denoting objects we might more conveniently refer to as, ✦✂❸ ✙✁✜✂✜ ❁ ✛✄✭✁❂ respectively, the number , the person and the person .

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