Infrared Transmission Spectra of Carbonate Minerals by G. C. Jones, B. Jackson (auth.)

By G. C. Jones, B. Jackson (auth.)

The chosen spectra offered during this quantity are a sworn statement to the variety of mineral carbonates. Their compositional style embraces a number of the chemical parts and is elevated via the widespread presence of strong answer among participants. They ensue in all of the wide different types of rock varieties: igneous, metamorphic, metasomatic and sedimentary; and they're frequently linked to vital ores and infrequent point deposits. Carbonates aren't in simple terms of value within the geological area, but additionally in and fabrics technology. actual id of the compounds is, accordingly, important for a formal figuring out of any carbonate bearing approach. the advance of Fourier rework infrared spectrometry has been for a few years on the degree the place the purchase of spectra is comparatively basic, fast and with sturdy answer. For identifi- tion, the strategy is reasonably cheap and will supply more information at the nature of the chemical bonding. it's quite fitted to carbonates as a result of its skill to discriminate essentially among different participants. it truly is visible that so one can produce a wide set of definitive spectra, a resource of we- characterised minerals is needed, however the situation of the sort of resource isn't unavoidably so seen. Our museums - The normal historical past Museum in London and the nationwide Museums of Scotland in Edinburgh - have joined forces to supply this type of resource, utilizing their popular mineral collections and authenticating each one mineral via glossy complex equipment of research and identifi- tion.

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En En III ::::E ::J Z o o Ln ....... LU > « 3: I @ en en UJ a: 0.. --'---r--'---+-- o o o ....... b (Xl ~ to 38NVIIIWSNVtU % o ru [ .. Kupcik V. (1979) Bismuth; crystal chemistry. T. 13-19. Pub: Dowden, Hutchinsonand Ross, Stroudsburg,PA, USA. LagercrantzA. L. (1948) On the crystal structureof Bi 20 2C03 (bismutite) and CaBi20 2(C03)2 (beyerite). Arkiv for Kemi, Mineralogi och Geologi. (K. SvenskaVetenskapsakad), 25(20). l. 2. References: The spectrummatchesSuhner(5-64 A) bismutite, but has an extra peak at 889 cm-I .

Pijal J. & Zietkiewicz J. (1969) Experimentalstudy on the substitutionof OH-i groupsby p-i ions in minerals. Senedes SciencesGeologiqueset Geographiques. 7-12. References: Notes BM 91461. Dark blue crystals. Chessy,Lyon, France. IR2733 KBr disk (ABMXOJ2Z q Anhydrouscarbonatewith hydroxyl or halogen CU3(C03MOH)2 Seeref. 2 for peakassignments. Comparespectrumwith that of malachite. Specimen: Source: Spectrum ref. : Sample medium: XRD: Composition: Formula: Chemical class: Chemical type: AZURITE 1093 954 838 820 771 746 1172 3426 2923 2593 2551 2498 1881 1861 1835 1497 1464 1418 1385 P2/c Monoclinic Azurite 496 457 404 346 312 Peak Table cm- 1 II 3~NVIII~SNV~1 % 2.

4, pp. 227-284. Forms a serieswith rhodochrosite. e. magnesite, rhodochrosite,siderite, sphaerocobaltite,smithsoniteand otavite. Notes CaC03 Anhydrousnonnal carbonate A(XOJ Formula: Chemical class: Chemical type: Crystal system: Mineral group: Space group: CALCITE R3c Trigonal Calcite 2980 2931 2872 2587 2515 2170 1798 1734 1429 1162 1012 877 848 843? 713 482? 320 Peak Table cm- 1 Ul U it!! t- a: z<3: en ~ ..... tt- Z <3: ~ I~--------~-------~, 4000 CALCITE 3000 2000 1500 COMPRESSED-WAVENUMBERS var.

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