Inside Angels & Demons: The Story Behind the International by Dan Burstein, Arne de Keijzer

By Dan Burstein, Arne de Keijzer

Set opposed to the backdrop of gorgeous Baroque Rome, within Angels & Demons: The Unauthorized advisor to the overseas Bestseller takes you contained in the Vatican to work out how the method of conclave and papal choice relatively works.Readers discover the realm of Bernini, grasp artist of the Baroque period, and the key meanings in the back of his symbolism...what rather occurred within the trial of Galileo...the influence of the Illuminati, the Freemasons, and different mystery societies on eu and American history...the actual cutting-edge anti-matter technology...the centuries-old debate among technological know-how and religion.Millions of readers are looking to separate truth from fiction. This ebook teases aside the true and the imagined in the historic labyrinth of conspiracies, cover-ups, messages encoded in recognized artistic endeavors, secrets and techniques societies, and mystical wisdom. within Angels & Demons: The Unauthorized advisor to the foreign Bestseller is needs to interpreting for a person serious about Dan Brown’s old mysteries.

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In the case of Pope John Paul I, anyone who expected him to be a mere caretaker was soon proven wrong. Despite his many health problems, he sprang into action immediately, promoting ecumenism, peace, and outreach to non-Christian faiths. qxd 1/21/09 the vatican: an insider’s view 2:57 PM Page 39 39 and Orthodox Churches, and ordered an investigation of the Vatican Bank, whose finances were in a shambles. When Pope John Paul I died suddenly on September 29, 1978, after only thirty-three days in office, there was conjecture that he had been poisoned, much like the murdered pope who died after “a tremendously popular twelve-year reign” in Angels & Demons.

He imprisoned Marozia, his own mother, in the dungeon there in 932, where she remained for fifty-four years until her death. It was a terrible punishment—Robert J. ” It took a German emperor, Henry III, in the early years of the second millennium to wrest the papacy from the grip of the Roman aristocracy, and to help launch a reform of the church and its monasteries. At a time when Europe was still divided into feudal fiefdoms, which would eventually coalesce into modern states, monasteries had become strategic centers of political and economic power.

The epic poem includes a description of flames engulfing the feet of Pope Boniface VIII for the sin of simony in the Eighth Circle of hell, while soothsayers have their heads twisted around to face backward—much like the description of Leonardo Vetra’s corpse at CERN. Dante’s century and the two immediately succeeding it were crucially important in the history of the papacy in terms of classical scholarship and the flowering of religious art and architecture. Nicholas V (1447–1455), usually thought of as the first Renaissance pope, was a wise statesman and passionate humanist who encouraged the collection, translation, and study of classical texts.

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