International Bibliography of Historical Sciences: 2006: v. by Massimo Mastrogregori

By Massimo Mastrogregori

A world bibliography of significant old monographs and periodical articles released through the international, which take care of heritage from the earliest to the latest instances.

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Historiographie an den Universitäten in Ostmitteleuropa 19451970. In: Geschichtsschreibung zu den böhmischen Ländern im 20. Jahrhundert [Cf. no 321], p. 297-315. 360. Politics (The) of memory in postwar Europe. Ed. by Richard Ned LEBOW, Wulf KANSTEINER and Claudio FOGU. Durham, Duke U. , 2006, XI-366 p. 361. RAUSCH (Helke). Kultfigur und Nation: Offentliche Denkmaler in Paris, Berlin und London 1848–1914. München, R. Oldenbourg, 2006, 797 p. (Pariser Historische Studien, 70). 362. Relato historiográfico (El): textos y tradiciones en la España medieval.

_______________________ 499. AEPELS (Michel). Note sur la justification dans la relation ethnographique. Genèses, 2006, 64, p. 110123. 500. ). The disenchantment of magic: spells, charms, and superstition in early European witchcraft literature. American historical review, 2006, 111, 2, p. 383-404. 501. BERNSTEIN (Andrew). Modern passings: death rites, politics, and social change in Imperial Japan. Honolulu, University of Hawai'i Press, 2006, XI-242 p. (Studies of the Weatherhead East Asian institute).

8. Economic and social history. 677-729. – § 9. History of civilization, sciences and education. 730-779. – § 10. History of art. 780-798. – § 11. History of religions (a. General; b. Special studies). 799-938. – § 12. History of philosophy. 939953. – § 13. History of literature. 954-980. § 1. Archives, libraries and museums. _______________________ a. Archives _______________________ 233. Archives, archivistes et archivistique dans l'Europe du nord-ouest de l'Antiquité à nos jours: entre gouvernance et mémoire: colloque organisé au Centre des archives du monde du travail à Roubaix par le CRHEN-O (Lille 3) et l'Association des archivistes français, du 2 au 4 décembre 2004.

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