Ire in the Soul: Bollywood's Angry Years by Nikhat Kazmi

By Nikhat Kazmi

Paperback. a hundred and twenty pages, illustrated with black & white photographs. movie feedback, Indian filmmaking.

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He scoffs. "Aajkal Ralnayana sirf ek purani kitab, ek drama, ek TV serial hai jo dekhne lnein achcha lagti hai, magar karne mein bahut fark hai. Zalnana banal chuka hai bhaiya," (Today, the Rawzayana is just a book, a drama, a TV serial that looks good to see, but is different when it is enacted in real life. ), he exhorts. Lakhan ridicules his brother's piety, walks out of his modest abode and sets out on his own individual path to glory. And en route, he hobnobs with the smugglers, drug racketeers, accepts their generous bribes, turns a blind eye to their misdeeds, sets free their cohorts and relentlessly breaks the legal and moral code himself.

90 Ire in the Soirl as the proverbial goose with the golden egg. Naturally then, M u m a and Mohini can hardly manage to drool over each other and talk about the moon and the stars against such an incendiary backdrop. Death threats, abductions, explosions, attacks and counter-attacks form the core of this supposedly romantic tale. Again, in Sadak, it is the menacing sEtadow of Maharani (Sadashiv Amrapurkar), a psychotic eunuch that looms large over the lovers, Sanjay Dutt and Pooja Bhatt. Maharani runs a brothel in the backwaters of the big bad city.

For Subhash Ghai's Ravana is no traditional bad man. In fact Ghai's ingenuity lies in the fact that he tries to make a hero out of Ravana for the first time. The grandson of a freedom fighter who happened to be a friend 66 Ire in the Soul of Mahatma Gandhi, Ballu Balram drifted through a n impoverished childhood into a turbulent adulthood. The first signs of his moral turpitude were visible when he was a kid. He greedily grabbed the box of crackers which the local hoodlum had bought to bribe his lawyer father who, needless to say, was wedded to the creed of unqualified honesty.

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