Kailas: On Pilgrimage to the Sacred Mountain of Tibet by Russell Johnson

By Russell Johnson

* The checklist of a religious trip via a rare land, and of the committed pilgrims who search to climb Mount Kailas. * american citizens recount their studies through the sacred pilgrimage to 1 of the main distant places in the world. * With greater than a hundred colour photos that catch the awe-inspiring panorama and the tireless selection of the pilgrims.

In a distant nook of western Tibet, in a single of the top, so much pristine locations in the world, rises a chic snow-clad pyramid of rock and snow--Mount Kailas. To Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims this 22,028-foot mountain is the throne of the gods, the "Navel of the Earth," where the place the divine takes earthly shape. For greater than 1000 years those pilgrims have journeyed right here to pay homage to the mountain's secret, circumambulating it in an old ritual of devotion that keeps to the current day. Spinning prayer wheels, chanting mantras, and prostrating themselves at shrines, the pilgrims make the exhausting climb towards the actual and emotional excessive element of the adventure, the lofty go referred to as the Dolma los angeles.

With impressive colour images and bright shuttle writing, The Sacred Mountain of Tibet offers a gorgeous account of this awe-inspiring panorama, and of the diversity, power, and sheer selection of the pilgrims who enterprise there. either photographer Russell Johnson and author Kerry Moran have made the tough pilgrimage round the mountain numerous occasions. The Sacred Mountain of Tibet is the list in their inspiring trip that opens a window on a mystical land of natural gentle and awesome colour the place the temporal and the everlasting unite and the place each characteristic of the panorama holds its personal divinity.

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F ro m across the Lha C h u cam e the sound of whistles and shou ts, as a n o m a d family u rg ed forw ard a flock o f p a c k -sh e e p loaded with salt for trad e in the high re m o te valleys to the n o rth . A pair of m onks from distant A m d o passed by, m a ro o n robes swaying fro m side to side like the swinging of a bell. F ar ah e ad, the tiny figures p aused to adjust their loads and tra m p e d off again into the vastness of the canyon. All pilgrim s had the sam e destinatio n, a small o ch re building clinging to the side of the massive m o u n ta in across the river.

T h e first was Kailas, its tr e m e n d o u s fo rm to w erin g above lower peaks. T h e na tu ra l swastika e tc h e d upo n the m o u n ta in ’s so u th e rn face was clearly visible fro m this distan ce, and I sensed how strong ly this an c ie n t sym bol of pow er m u st have s tr u c k the first pilgrim s, who in te r p re te d it as a su p e rn a tu r a l sign th a t h ere was no o rd in a ry m o u n ta in , b ut the ab o d e of the gods. O n M a n a s a r o v a r ’s s o u th e rn sh o re rose the five sister p eak s o f G u rl a M a n d h a ta .

T h e y w ere so gleeful at ca tc h in g the gian t holy relic th a t I refra in ed fro m a sking w h e th e r it was dea d or alive at the tim e o f ca p tu re. W e jo in e d the g r o u p for tea on the beach, then walked to g e th e r the last few miles to their tru c k , which was w aiting fo r th e m b e n e a th C hiu G o m p a . T h e crow d strag g led o u t a lon g the s h o re co llecting seaw eed and rocks, looking hopefully for a n o t h e r holy fish. W e veered inland and c r e ste d over a steep hill, and C h iu G o m p a — 'B ird G o m p a ’ — a p p e a r e d p e r c h e d a to p a p o in te d sum m it, str e a m e rs o f p ra y e r flags ca scadin g dow n fro m th re e chorten at the very top.

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