Kant's Theory of Emotion: Emotional Universalism by Diane Williamson

By Diane Williamson

Williamson explains, defends, and applies Kant's conception of emotion. having a look basically to the Anthropology and the Metaphysics of Morals, she situates Kant's idea of impact inside his conception of feeling and specializes in the significance of ethical emotions and the ethical assessment of our feelings. emotions, for Kant, are physiological occurrences (pains and/or pleasures) which are because of the cognitive college, together with notion and current event. Their underlying strategies has to be morally evaluated. She illustrates either the function that feelings play in constructing advantage and the function they could play in resulting in vice and evil. Kant's concept has a bonus over present cultural and study tendencies since it neither means that we needs to blindly stick to our emotions nor that feelings are irrational forces that needs to be triumph over. as a substitute, Kant's conception does the simplest activity of assisting us to appreciate and overview our feelings.

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28 K a n t ’ s T h e o ry of E motion Just as a distant star appears brightest when we gaze to the side of it, perhaps happiness is something that can only be sought indirectly. ) Surely everyone wants to be happy, just as Aristotle notes in the very beginning of his famous Nicomachean Ethics, but what is happiness? Aristotle debunks the idea that happiness should be associated with pleasure, fun, relaxation, money, fame, or popularity. Happiness is a life well lived, a life lived excellently, or, what is the same thing for Aristotle, virtuously (with sufficient material wealth).

15 If a truly vicious person reports a high degree of life satisfaction, for example, we would not want to count that person as happy, and we certainly would not want to learn from him or her how to live. In the absence of a moral foundation for our understanding of happiness, positive psychology all too often identifies happiness with pleasure or simply with the positive emotions. 16 He tirelessly pursues health and joy, but, of course, the viewer is quick to learn that, at the heart of it, he is depressed.

At first it looks like an easy question, but most people would hesitate to 32 K a n t ’ s T h e o ry of E motion respond and prefer to be given the answer. ” the subject matter evades direct observation. As soon as you look right at it, the present moment disappears before your eyes. Similarly, when you focus on an emotion, you might find a shortness of breath or racing thoughts, but you might still be confused about what is going on. Wittgenstein warns us that not every question that makes grammatical sense also makes conceptual sense.

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