Kodak's ergonomic design for people at work by The Eastman Kodak Company

By The Eastman Kodak Company

Written should you are at the activity yet now not unavoidably professionally expert ergonomists, the rules and techniques specific during this very popular consultant have all been carried out in real-world office environments and confirmed winning in decreasing the potential of occupational damage, expanding the variety of those that can practice a role, and bettering worker functionality at the job.
More than a hundred and fifty transparent and informative illustrations and tables support show facts and knowledge in 8 sections:
• Ergonomics layout philosophy
• Human reliability and knowledge transfer
• review of task demands
• paintings design
• office design
• guide dealing with in occupational tasks
• apparatus design
• atmosphere

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And what can be done to make it less likely that errors or mix-ups can occur? ❃ What things do you like most about your job? 6. Examples of Questions to Establish Information About the Job Demands (Rodgers 1992) 21 22 Kodak’s Ergonomic Design for People at Work This might be achieved using a powered levelator, but it could also be accomplished, in some instances, by putting the pallet on a fixed-height platform (if the palletized load is not very tall) or by using empty pallets under the product pallet to move it to a higher position.

Establishing the Production Requirements or Expectations ❃ Would you describe a typical day on your job? What tasks are done? What percent of each shift is spent on each task? ❃ How variable is your job from day to day? Are there seasonal tasks? ❃ How long does it take to learn your job? Which tasks are the hardest to learn? ❃ Do you do tasks that include heavy lifting or force exertion? What weights are handled or forces exerted, and how often do these take place in a typical day? How long are they usually done continuously (task duration)?

The preferred solution will usually be the one that improves the ergonomics of the job and reduces the risk for injury substantially at a relatively low price. The Problem-Solving Process Step 1: Identifying Jobs with Ergonomics Opportunities (Rodgers 1992, 1999) Most problem jobs are known in a working unit because they are the tasks that people try to avoid or that have injuries associated with them. Some tasks are not physically demanding but leave very little latitude for the worker to vary the task or get adequate time for physiological or mental recovery between repetitions.

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