La mesure de l'amour : Sermons parisiens by Meister Eckhart

By Meister Eckhart

Les Sermons parisiens ont été rédigés par Maître Eckhart entre 1311 et 1313 durant son moment magistère à los angeles Faculté de théologie de l'Université de Paris. Ecrits en latin dans un sort qui est celui des grands sermons universitaires de cette période, ils expriment déjà los angeles plupart de ses thèmes mystiques favoris tels que l'Incarnation du Verbe, le détachement de l'âme et l. a. filiation divine. En articulant l. a. pensée chrétienne et los angeles philosophie grecque ou, pour reprendre les termes d'Eckhart, en s'efforçant " d'expliquer par les raisons naturelles des philosophes les affirmations de l. a. sainte foi chrétienne et de l'Ecriture dans les deux Testaments", ces Sermons, traduits pour los angeles première lois en français par Eric Mangin, constituent le fruit de sa réflexion théologique et le précieux témoignage de ce que fut l'enseignement universitaire au début du XIVe siècle.

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It is only in the alchemical text "The Golden Chain of Homer", that we find a few explanations on this subject. In this text, the energy of life is called "Niter" and the energy of matter is called "Salt". Then, the first energy, the energy of life in turn is divided and gives the first 2 elements: Fire � and Air �. In the same way, the first energy of matter is divided and gives the two other elements : Water � and Earth �. THE TRANSFORMATION OF ENERGY INTO MATTER - LIFE AND CONSCIOUSNESS A. The four elements: the four elements Fire �, Air �, Earth � and Water � correspond to energies and have nothing to do with the material bodies which go by the same name.

When rainwater or the snow of high mountains haven't been contaminated, they are rich in life energy. The life principle is only released when the snow melts because the solid state fixes the energies and prevents their escape. In the homeopathic domain, the explanation of how the dilutions function doesn't take into consideration the sensitivity of the liquid state to vital and astral energies. Of the three realms, the animal realm - and man in particular - is the most sensitive to astrological influences.

He establishes the link between the world of spirit and the world of matter. The symbol of the caduceus, the two intertwined serpents, represent the points where the energies of life and matter meet. The body is the third principle. It is comprised of the elements Water and Earth. The receiving of the influences of the soul which are transmitted through the spirit, occurs through the element Water. The alchemists call this WaterEarth principle, the Salt � . The same is true in man, but the principles exist at the highest level.

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