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12525+ r. ii 5. b) as an ingredient in med. NA dannati teleqqe you take kasû extract and strong vinegar (and sprinkle the ground-up ingredients on it) ibid. 168 : 30, cf. ibid. GE†TIN dannati 5 siqil tabti 5 siqil nÿnî ina sikari tusabsal you boil in beer one-third sila of horned alkali, one-third sila of strong vinegar, ˜ve shekels of salt, and ˜ve shekels of nÿnûplant AMT 57,5 r. GE†TIN (var. NAº) dannati sikara samna iste— nis tuballal you mix together (various ingredients, including) strong vinegar, beer, and oil AMT 78,4 : 2, var.

N á : urÿsa ellu ta-bis elisu sunÿlma (see nâlu lex. section) BIN 2 22 :199, see AAA 22 94; d ù g . d a u . m i . n i . í b . ) . ) : DÙG-es udassÿka STT 197: 36 and 39, see Cooper, ZA 62 73 :19; n i n d a d ù g . g a n u . m u . r a . a n . g a nu . mu . r a . a n . n a g. a b : akla ta-a-bi-is ul ikkal mê ta-a-bi-is ul isatti he cannot eat properly, he cannot drink properly KBo 7 1+ r. ; u n . e u 6 . d ù g . g e . e ß h é . a . e k u r. k u r h é . m i . i . i (later version : k a l a m . m a u 4 .

Apod. app. Aram. Asb. Asn. Ass. astrol. astron. Av. AV Babyl. bil. Bogh. bus. Camb. chem. chron. col. coll. comm. conj. corr. Cyr. Dar. dat. dem. denom. det. diagn. disc. DN doc. dupl. EA econ. ed. ED Elam. Esarh. esp. etym. ext. fact. fem. ˜g. abbreviated, abbreviation accusative Achaemenid addition(al) adjective administrative (texts) Adad-nÿrarÿ adverb Akkadian apodosis appendix Aramaic Assurbanipal Assur-nasir-apli II Assyrian astrological (texts) astronomical (texts) Avestan Anniversary Volume Babylonian bilingual (texts) Boghazkeui business Cambyses chemical (texts) chronicle column collation, collated commentary (texts) conjunction corresponding Cyrus Darius dative demonstrative denominative determinative diagnostic (texts) discussion divine name document duplicate El-Amarna economic (texts) edition, editor(s) Early Dynastic Elamite Esarhaddon especially etymology, etymological extispicy factitive feminine ˜gure fragm.

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