Large-scale atmosphere-ocean dynamics by Norbury J., Roulstone I. (eds.)

By Norbury J., Roulstone I. (eds.)

The advanced flows within the surroundings and oceans are believed to be thoroughly modelled via the Navier-Stokes equations of fluid mechanics including classical thermodynamics. notwithstanding, end result of the huge, immense complexity of those equations, meteorologists and oceanographers have developed approximate types of the dominant, large-scale flows that regulate the evolution of climate structures. The simplifications usually bring about versions which are amenable to resolution either analytically and numerically. This quantity and its significant other clarify why such simplifications to Newton's moment legislations produce actual, necessary types and, simply because the meteorologist seeks styles within the climate, mathematicians search constitution within the governing equations. They convey how geometry and research facilitate resolution options.

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U = ∂u ∂ ∂w 1 + (v cos φ) + . 19), g is properly considered constant. 18) is usually referred to as the Coriolis parameter and accredited the symbol f . The other Coriolis parameter, 2Ω cos φ, which is absent from the HPEs, has no universally accepted title. 17), is ρ D ∂p {(u + Ωa cos φ) a cos φ} = ρFλ a cos φ − . 23) The energy conservation law (Lagrangian form) is ρ D 1 2 v + gz + cv T = −∇. (pu) + ρ(Q + v. Fh ). 24) The equations of meteorological dynamics and various approximations 27 Here v is the horizontal flow (the ‘wind’).

Phys. A. , 30, L63–L68. , Roulstone, I. (2001) Holomorphic structures in hydrodynamical models of nearly geostrophic flow. Proc. R. Soc. Lond. A 457, 1519–1531. Roulstone, I. and Norbury, J. (1994) A Hamiltonian structure with contact geometry for the semi-geostrophic equations. J. , 272, 211–233. ¨ Runge, C. (1895) Uber die numerische Aufl¨ osung vor Differentialgleichungen. Math. Ann. 46. Salmon, R. (1983) Practical use of Hamilton’s principle. J. , 132, 431–444. Salmon, R. (1985) New equations for nearly geostrophic flow.

35) from z = zs upwards, assuming a reasonable lower boundary condition (such as w = 0 at a flat lower boundary). The explicit expression for w(z) so obtained is known as Richardson’s equation from its use in the first numerical weather prediction experiment (Richardson 1922). A different treatment is necessary if an upper boundary condition is applied at a finite height (Kasahara and Washington 1967). 35) leads to a form that does not contain a vertical integral: γ ∂ ∂z p ∂w Q + ∇z . v − ∂z T cp = ∂v ∂p ∇z .

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