Latin and the Vernacular Languages in Early Medieval Britain by Nicholas Brooks

By Nicholas Brooks

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Dryd (h)wdt: b-dpadnd rabbd d-malke d-hetHerddes. dt_eh (h)wdt: qabbldteh (h)wdt b-hadntjt rablnd: dp leh ak dal-Sem'dn Kepd. w-hawwydh hayle d-asytlkl: dp hu ak Sem'dn. w-emral leh: hawwd II GdgTiltfi: hay d-ezdqep bdh Mdran Msihd: wa-qaysd da-sllbtlteh d-ettll (h)wd beh men y(h)t'iddye: wa-qabrd haw d-beh ettslm. hayden dmar Idh hu Ya'qdh: hdlen ddtayhon d-sdbyd malkut_ek d-tehze: the[ Ida ennon da-y{h)uddyS: w-hdndn dhdjn l-hon. w-ld sdbqin Ian d-nezal wa-nsalle taimmm qddm Gdgtllkl w-qabrd: w-dp-ld qaysd da-sllbeh sdbeyn d-netdundy Ian.

Do not beat. (b) 1. att den emat d-msalle att. 'ol Itawwanek. w-ehod tar'ek. w-salld l-abok db-kesya. W-ahok d-haze b-kesyd nparrek b-gelya. You. however, when you pray, go into your inner room and shut your door. And pray to your father privately, and your father, who sees in secret, will reward you opeidy. 23 KEY TO EXERCISES 2. w-liwCi d-kad lui nmdie h-diikktd hdi. stem. Emar leh. ijadinen tahuidew: niarran allenayn l-imalldyu aykanna d-ap. Ydhanndn aUep l-talmidew. so'. Emart. smayyd. Nelqaddas^ smak.

And do what is good (unto) those which hate you. And pray for any which are leading you by force and persecudng you. That you may be children of your father who is in heaven, who causes his sun to rise upon the good and upon the wicked, and sends his rain upon tlie Just people and upon the unjust. (Matlhew 5:43-45) 3. sar btulen. Iieiineii d-iisab lampedeyii Iiipaq l-iir'd luitnd w-kalltd. hainines den meiihayii hakkimen-way. w-hainmes sakleii. sakkaltd nsdb lampedeyn. w-ld nsdb 'aiiilieyn meshd.

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