Lilith: A Snake in the Grass (The Four Lords of the Diamond, by Jack L. Chalker

By Jack L. Chalker

This is publication one of many Epic Tetralogy, The 4 Lords of the Diamond.

Aliens are spying on the earth from one of many 4 worlds that make up the Warden Diamond. however it is very unlikely to ship brokers to any of the 4 worlds as a result of targeted microscopic symbionts that make it most unlikely for viewers to depart the Diamond.

Seeking a distinct resolution, all the 4 worlds making up the Diamond is shipped anyone whose brain has been stripped of every little thing and who's now managed through an agent of the Confederacy.

Lilith is the 1st planet to be visited. right here, Cal Tremon, stripped of his personal character, needs to triumph over significant odds and live to tell the tale not just the very good perils of the overseas planet yet his personal controllers as well.

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On the tops of these great waterlogged forests whole new varieties of plants grew, forming a unique botanical ecosystem. The visible wildlife seemed to be birdlike in appearance, although there were some insects as well, but animal life was sparse on Cerberus, it seemed—unless it lay beneath the omnipresent waters of the surface. Still, so dense and enormous were the plants of this water world that men could live there, perhaps even build cities in the trees—an alien but not impossible world. With no apparent natural resources beyond wood and no way to bring in a truly modern lifestyle, settlement there would be precarious.

In the meantime, this jungle world, with an axial tilt of under 6 degrees, had a temperature range of from roughly 28 to 60 degrees centigrade. Thanks to the land distribution it was habitable and usable—but not inviting. Charon did indeed look like Hell. Next out was Lilith, almost a textbook perfect world. Slightly smaller than Charon, it was roughly 70 percent water but far more temperate and far gentler in its landscape. Mountains were low, and there were broad plains and swamps. A nice variety of landforms without serious extremes or violence, and an axial tilt of 84 degrees—almost a world on its side, which meant little seasonal variation.

Agreed. And it would have to be the very best for all four. Someone who could survive, even prosper under their conditions while having the ability to collect enough data and get it out. ” The young man grinned. “Easy. At least easy to say—maybe nearly impossible to do. You kill all four Lords. ” “That was our thinking,” Krega agreed. “And so we ran it through the computers. Master detective, loyal, willing to volunteer, and with an Assassin’s License. Four needed, plus a coordinator, since they all would have to be put to work simultaneously and would obviously have no likely reason or means to contact one another.

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