Magic(al) Realism (The New Critical Idiom) by Maggie Ann Bowers

By Maggie Ann Bowers

Bestselling novels by way of Angela Carter, Salman Rushdie, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and a large number of others have enchanted us through blurring the traces among truth and myth. Their style of writing has been variously outlined as 'magic', 'magical' or 'marvellous' realism and is readily changing into a middle quarter of literary reviews. This advisor deals a primary step for these wishing to think about this region in better intensity, by:

* exploring the numerous definitions and phrases utilized in relation to the genre
* tracing the origins of the stream in portray and fiction
* supplying an old review of the contexts for magic(al) realism
* offering research of key works of magic(al) realist fiction, movie and art.

This is an important advisor for these attracted to or learning one among today's most well liked genres.

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The emergence of an internationally recognized literary tradition in Latin America, known as the ‘boom’ of the 1950s and 1960s, was due to the interest in narrative and novelistic experimentation, including magical realism. The fiction of this period became known as the ‘new novel’ and is generally considered to be a modernist movement due to the attitude of the writers who sought to break away from previous literary traditions and to find a new means of expression. However, the style of their writing is often considered to be postmodern due to the narrative techniques they employed in which they play with the expectations of the reader, particularly in relation to time and the structure of the plots.

Chanady pinpoints this difference between the fantastic and the magical realist: DELIMITING THE TERMS 25 In contrast to the fantastic, the supernatural in magical realism does not disconcert the reader, and this is the fundamental difference between the two modes. The same phenomena that are portrayed as problematical by the author of a fantastic narrative are presented in a matter-of-fact manner by the magical realist. (1985:24) While this is a workable way to delimit magical realism from its close relations, it does need careful consideration.

Because all symbiosis, all mestizaje, engenders the baroque. The American baroque develops along with the criollo culture, with the meaning of criollo, with the self-awareness of the American man…; the awareness of being Other, of being new, of being symbiotic, of being a criollo. (Carpentier 1995b:100) Here he understands the baroque to be an artistic style that uses heavy and rich detail and ornamentation. Taking the highly ornate Mayan and Aztec sculptures of the god Quetzalcoatl as an example, he claims that they represent the complexities and large scale of the Mayan and Aztec culture and belief systems, and the scale, colours and variety of flora, fauna and landscape of the Americas.

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