Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism by Gershom Scholem

By Gershom Scholem

Concise information from the publisher:
A selection of lectures at the positive factors of the circulation of mysticism that started in antiquity and keeps in Hasidism today.

Forward by means of Robert Altar, with this Scholem dedication:
TO THE reminiscence OFWALTER BENJAMIN  (1892–1940)
The good friend of a life-time whose genius united the insightof the Metaphysician, the interpretative energy of the Criticand the erudition of the Scholar

From a reader:
"... He covers the mystic Abraham Abulafia and his prophetic Kabbalism (and the way it broke Kabbalism in two), the Zohar and Moses de Leon, En-Sof (the hidden God), the 10 Sefiroth (numbers) and Sefirotic improvement over the years (from Sefer Yetzirah to the Zohar), additionally the Shekhinah (the woman facet of God), Isaac Luria (the Lion) and his scholars (his Cubs), and the lovely influence the exile from Spain had at the Kabbalah in general.
The final lectures disguise Sabbatai Sevi and the catastrophe he prompted the Jewish humans. He practically destroyed Judaism itself for 250 years afterwards. The effect continues to be felt to at the present time. He additionally indicates the trendy Hasid's (the Ultra-Orthadox Jews) and the way the Kabbalah and the Zohar influance their teachings and ideology. He additionally indicates why ordinary Orthadox Jews steer clear of the Kabbalah (calling it Jewish witchcraft) and why they considear the Hasid's to be cultists of a type (even although the Kabbalah was once Orthadox Judaism for three hundred years sooner than the arrival of Sabbatai Sevi - which Mr. Scholem painfully issues out).
I have in basic terms scrached the skin of the issues this e-book includes. if you happen to can purchase one e-book on Jewish mysticism, this can be it. it's definitely worth the purchase."

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