Make Your Own Paper Snowflakes by Peggy Edwards

By Peggy Edwards

All you wish is a couple of scissors and you'll make appealing snowflake paper cut-outs.

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Make Your Own Paper Snowflakes

All you wish is a couple of scissors and you may make attractive snowflake paper cut-outs.

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Once it is all mixed, pour it into the open hole of the plastic bottle. 5. Now pour a quarter cup of white vinegar into the hole, and stand back! Your volcano should erupt almost instantly. 28 Glossary conduit—Underground passageway through which magma travels to reach the Earth’s surface during a volcanic eruption. core—The innermost and deepest layer of the Earth. There are two main parts: the outer core (molten) and the inner core (solid). crust—The thinnest and outermost layer of the Earth.

How Do Chameleons Change Color? How Does the Wind Blow? How Do Fish Breathe Underwater? How Do Mountains Form? How Do Plants Grow? How Do Spiders Make Webs? Why Do Bears Hibernate? Why Does It Rain? Why Does the Moon Change Shape? Why Does the Sun Set? Why Do the Seasons Change? Why Do Volcanoes Erupt? Why Do We See Rainbows? Why Is the Sky Blue?

Anatomy of a Volcano (Shockwave: Science). New York, NY: Scholastic Library Publishing, 2007. O’Meara, Donna. Into the Volcano: A Volcano Researcher at Work. Tonawanda, NY: Kids Can Press, 2007. van Rose, Susanna. Volcanoes & Earthquakes (DK Eyewitness Books). New York, NY: DK Children’s Books, 2008. S. com/ngkids/0312/ 31 Index Page numbers in boldface are illustrations. active volcanoes, 15, 19, 19, 26 ash clouds, 21, 22, 25 magma, 9, 9-11, 12, 13-15, 14, 15, 18, 23, 25 magma chambers, 14, 15, 15, 23 mantle, 5, 6, 6-7, 9, 15, 23 Maupiti Island (Tahiti), 21 Mount St.

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