Manufacturing, Engineering and Technology by Serope Kalpakjian

By Serope Kalpakjian

This ebook is taken into account as a reference for production engineering

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Guidelines for Green Design and Manufacturing. In reviewing the various activities described thus far, note that there are overarching relationships among the basic concepts of DFMA, DFD, DFE, and DPR. These relationships can be summarized as guidelines, now rapidly being accepted worldwide: materials, by refining product design, reducing the amount of materials used in products, and selecting manufacturing processes that minimize scrap (such as forming instead of machining). 2. Reduce the use of hazardous materials in products and processes.

Forged or cast automobile wheels, (c) cast vs. stamped sheet-metal frying pan, (d) injection molded vs. extruded or cast polymer bracket, and (e) welded vs. riveted sheet-metal safety hood for a machine. Many varieties of such products are widely available in the marketplace. 'f0 Comb Teeth Torsion / Fixed Comb Teeth W/ Ano h (8) (D) (a) Microscopic gears with dust mite. Source: Courtesy Sandia National Laboratory; (b) A movable micromirror component of a light sensor. Note the 100-/,tm scale at the bottom of the figure.

6 Selection of Manufacturing Processes Polymer-processing . Thermoplastics , ::=.. 6d Schematic illustrations of various polymer-processing methods. b. Metals that have been preshaped at room temperature become less formable during subsequent processing, vvhich, in practice, is often required to complete the part; this is because the metals have become stronger, harder, and less ductile than they were prior to processing them further. There is a constant demand for new approaches to production problems and, especially, for manufacturing cost reduction.

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