Maori by Ray Harlow

By Ray Harlow

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Quite all right, sir, quite all right. My horses are not what they used to be, but they gave it all they had," the man said. He was doing his best to shake himself off while we continued down the road. " my father questioned. " He had finished dusting himself off and smiled back at us with bright, white teeth against a darkly tanned face. "Well, Silas, how about you escort us the rest of the way to Bridewell? I wouldn't want to leave you behind with those unreliable animals dragging you into town.

45 CHAPTER 7 Jocastas Following my afternoon nap I was feeling energized. I joined my father, Ganesh, and Nicolas for dinner off the smoking room in the main dining area. "I'd ask you to pass the bread, but you look so beat I'm not sure you could get it all the way over here," I said. "You should join the jesters class in session downstairs. I hear they're looking for a good teacher," said my father. He did look tired, and even his comeback came off weak as he tried to bring some mental energy to the conversation.

In the distance I saw the one building that was a full three stories, which peeked just over the west side of the barrier between the town and The Dark Hills outside. This was the old prison building, a place where I had slept, eaten my meals, and looked for secrets in the many rooms and passageways. Once the convicts had been returned to Ainsworth, there was no longer a need for a prison in Bridewell. It had been converted, renamed Renny Lodge, and was currently home to a library, two courts, and several classrooms for art masters and apprentices of various trades.

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