Marine Manganese Deposits by G.P. Glasby (Eds.)

By G.P. Glasby (Eds.)

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In this respect, Blake Plateau nodules may be similar to nodules from abyssal areas of minimal terrigenous sedimentation. Comparison of the composition of Blake and Campbell Plateau nodules (Table 2-VI) reveals no major differences other than in their Mn and Fe contents. The low values of these elements in the Campbell Plateau nodules may result from the inclusion of phosphorite debris in the samples analyzed (Summerhayes, 1967). Summerhayes considered that volcanic influences were important in the Campbell Plateau deposits, but subsequent study has shown that such influences are probably of minor importance in view of their close similarity to Blake Plateau deposits where there is no volcanic activity (Glasby and Summerhayes, 1975).

The reasons for this enrichment may be similar to those determining the enrichment of Co. Goldberg (1965) and Barnes (1967b) have suggested that under high redox potentials, Pb2" may be oxidized t o insoluble PbO,, which may enter into solid solution with MnO,. Barium and titanium are also often enriched in Pacific seamount nodules (Table 2-IV), but the causes are not entirely clear. Chromium is almost uniformly low in the deposits, except when they contain significant amounts of volcanic detritus.

The bulk of those obtained were in sediments younger than the BrunhesMahyuama boundary, suggesting a possible higher rate of ferromanganese oxide deposition or lower rate of sedimentation in this area in the past few hundred thousand years than in previous epochs. That the distribution of buried nodules in cores may not be entirely random has also been reported by Skornyakova and Andmshchenko (1970). Buried concretions recovered in large-diameter cores taken in the central Pacific during the 34th cruise of the Vityaz were found in some cases to be concentrated into distinct horizons.

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