Meiosis (Genome Dynamics Vol 5) by Ricardo Benavente, Jean-nicolas Volff

By Ricardo Benavente, Jean-nicolas Volff

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J Cell Biol 1997;136:957–967. 41 Armstrong SJ, Caryl AP, Jones GH, Franklin FC: Asy1, a protein required for meiotic chromosome synapsis, localizes to axis-associated chromatin in Arabidopsis and Brassica. J Cell Sci 2002;115: 3645–3655. ) and its synaptic mutant sy10. Genetics 2006;174:1247–1258.

The PHS1 gene, first identified in maize, appears to be a key coordinator of different meiotic events including pairing synapsis and recombination [56]. phs1 mutants display wild type levels of synapsis, but almost all tracks of SC are formed between non-homologous chromosomes. RAD51 foci are almost completely absent, although DSBs appear to be formed. This suggests that PHS1 may play a role in loading of recombination proteins (including RAD51) following DSBs formation, and that this is a key step in the coordination of pairing and synapsis.

This staining pattern is reminiscent of that of Hop1 in yeast but is different from ASY1 staining in Arabidopsis and rye, where the protein persists on the chromosomal axes of fully synapsed homologs [40–42]. PAIR1 is another gene needed for synapsis in rice that was isolated by insertional mutagenesis. PAIR1 encodes a coiled-coil protein with homology only to an uncharacterized protein in Arabidopsis [43]. Although homolog pairing fails in pair1 mutants, chromosome morphology appeared largely normal at leptotene and zygotene.

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