Metasomatic Textures in Granites: Evidence from Petrographic by Jiashu Rong, Fenggang Wang

By Jiashu Rong, Fenggang Wang

Based on 1000's of skinny sections from granite in China, this publication introduces metasomatic textures and their formation mechanism in granite. It additionally proposes that metasomatic textures can essentially be categorized into styles: hetero-oriented substitute and co-oriented substitute, in keeping with the consistency of orientations of replacive and changed minerals. The hetero-oriented albitization of K-feldspar is sort of distinctive from the co-oriented albitization of K-feldspar. They happen individually with out transition, even supposing either are as a rule known as albitization of K-feldspar.This distinctive granite atlas makes use of a chain of colour microphotos all in favour of a quartz plate below crossed polars to obviously illustrate metasomatic mechanisms and superimposed metasomatic approaches. The origins of transparent albite rim, intergranular swapped albite, K-feldspathization, quartzification, muscovitization, beryllization, myrmekite, small platy albite, perthitic albite, K-feldspar megacryst and so on. are comprehensively mentioned and defined. The publication will attract lecturers, researchers and scholars desirous about igneous and metamorphic petrology.

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Alkali metasomatites may be subdivided into sodium (predominant), sodium–potassium (mixed), and potassium subtypes (The sodium metasomatites is only discussed in the book). Tongue- or vein-like alkali metasomatites (tens cm to several m wide, several m to tens m long, steeply dipping) are accidentally seen in granites in southern and northern China. They are not vein or intrusion, but formed by transformation in situ from various types and multistages of granites (including pegmatite and aplite), and formed prior to the injection of latest diabase dike.

Co-oriented albitization (with cloudy hydrogoethite) begins with group-dotted and slice form along (010), which is different from perthitic albite. Jiling granite Fig. 69 (+). Section is ⊥ axis b. Co-oriented albitization (co-oriented Ab) begins to develop in K-feldspar phase, accompanied by hydrogoethite, but independent of cleavage (001). Jiling granite distributed irregularly (Figs. 73). When it expands and includes perthitic lamellae, the whole K-feldspar crystals are completely transformed into co-oriented albite finally.

Primary muscovite is characterized as follows (Saavedra 1978; Speer 1984): (1) Grain size comparable to other magmatic minerals or even coarser; (2) Sharp grain boundaries (no relation with other minerals); (3) Allomorphic, subhedral, or euhedral shape; (4) Occurring in fresh unaltered plutonic rocks. In addition, the authors add that the primary muscovite is comparatively clean, transparent Fig. 36 (+). Primary muscovite Ms epitaxially grows on idiomorphic biotite Bi. Huichang two-mica granite, Jiangxi Province Fig.

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