Meteors and Comets (Early Bird Astronomy) by Gregory L. Vogt

By Gregory L. Vogt

Have you noticeable a capturing celebrity? What you actually observed was once a meteor! A meteor is de facto a bit of metal or stony subject - known as a meteoroid - that enters the earth's surroundings from outer area. A comet, however, is a lump of ice and dirt that periodically comes into the heart of the sunlight approach from someplace in its outer reaches. study extra approximately meteors and comets during this energetic and informative ebook!

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Olien, Rebecca. Exploring Meteors. New York: PowerKids Press, 2007. Find out more about these amazing objects in the sky. Orme, David. Comets. Winchester, UK: Ransom Publishing, 2007. Find out if comets and other space bodies are a danger to Earth. Waxman, Laura Hamilton. The Solar System. Minneapolis: Lerner Publications Company, 2010. Learn more about the objects that share our solar system. html Click on the “Small Bodies” link to see pictures of comets and asteroids. Object=Comets Visit this site to learn even more about these icy space bodies.

Talk about the photographs. If the child begins to lose interest, stop reading. When you pick up the book again, revisit the parts you have already read. Be a Vocabulary Detective The word list on page 5 contains words that are important in understanding the topic of this book. Be word detectives and search for the words as you read the book together. Talk about what the words mean and how they are used in the sentence. Do any of these words have more than one meaning? You will find the words defined in a glossary on page 46.

Most of them have been worn away by water and wind. But about 120 craters can still be found. One of Earth’s craters is in Arizona. It is called Meteor Crater. A meteorite made Meteor Crater in the Arizona desert. Scientists think the meteorite hit the desert at 28,600 miles (46,000 km) per hour. 33 Meteor Crater was made about 50,000 years ago. Scientists think that the meteorite that made the crater was made of metal. It weighed about 330,000 tons (300,000 metric tons). The crash blasted out a large crater 4,180 feet (1,275 meters) across.

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