Microporous and Mesoporous Materials by Reza Sabet Dariani

By Reza Sabet Dariani

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Of course, rings can be distorted considerably; so, these numbers should only be used as a rough guide [14]. For zeolites containing larger rings, ions and molecules can enter the intracrystalline space. For rings that contain 6 T atoms (six-membered rings or 6-ring) or less, the size of the window is ~2 Å, and movement of species through these rings is restricted. Ions or molecules can be trapped in cages bound by rings of this size or smaller (5-, 4-, or 3-ring) [15]. The internal volume of zeolites consists of interconnected cages or channels, which can have dimensionalities of one or three.

Although adsorption also occurs on the surface of the solid adsorbent and in the macropores and micropores, the surface area of these parts of most solid adsorbents is so small compared with the surface area of the micropores that the amount of material adsorbed there is usually considered negligible. The respective and widely used adsorbent material in the adsorption processes is zeolite, because it has a high adsorption capacity, surface area, and microporous structure. 1. Zeolites Zeolites are crystalline microporous minerals which are broadly distributed in nature.

The improved activity and the larger performance of composite materials are attributed to improved dispersion of uniform metal/cations nanoparticles as well as to efficient use of the support, which may originate a high-surface area and pore volume, allowing a large dispersion of clusters. Keywords: mesoporous materials, nanocomposites, modified CMK, characterization, hydrogen storage 52 Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 1. Introduction Hydrogen is considered as a clean energy carrier and an alternative fuel source for many applications.

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