Mistwalker (Discovery) by Denise Lopes Heald

By Denise Lopes Heald

"Quite and experience story, a love tale, and a damned reliable ecological drama!"ANNE McCAFFREYThe jungles of the planet Ver Day have been unforgiving to natives--and dying for offworlders. Sled-hauler Sal banks did not prefer to need to rely on somebody or something, yet she wanted additional muscle to drag a sled on her subsequent shipment run, so she employed Meesha Raschad first and located out he used to be an offworlder moment. Then she used to be caught with a heavy shipment load, a overdue commence, and a dangerously green beginner for a companion. in the meantime, the govies have been attempting to lead them to forfeit the run, for no cause Sal may well fdigure. however it had whatever to do with Raschad--who pulled not easy and saved his issues to himself. which might have labored wonderful, other than that these issues quickly him to the hazards of remoted Tumble Town....

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Their throws were low, their arms too weak for the distance. But they single-mindedly kept trying anyway. More roaks lifted. Somebody coming for sure. Engines whined on the government flight pad atop the hill straight back from the shack - govies ruining the jungle's peace again with their tech. The whine cut off, the mechanics just tuning a skid flier's jets. She jabbed at her boot sole. "Flight-day tomorrow. " Morrie spit on her burner's hose and squeezed the tube around the spit globule, checking for air leaks.

Which was why Morrie had been on about the man falling out of a spacer. But geared up the way he was, come packing out of the jungle like this, he didn't look Liber, and he didn't carry enough tech for it, either. Shrike, Morrie'd no more send her after a Liber than he'd send her chasing a newbie. She pushed her hat back, arched her eyebrows and leaned toward the stranger. "I'm Sal Banks. " He blinked and ate. She waited. He chewed. Too pushy. Best leave. Cheeks warming, she half turned. But his spoon dropped.

I worked a ship out this far, then my officers decided they didn't need me and spaced away. " He'd already said too much. " He'd better be able to haul her sled after digging nothing but junk crystal the last two months. He'd have to send everything to Mother and Sarel. " Again she insulted him, trying to drive him away, or maybe just warning him. " He needed this job to reequip and return to digging, if the mistwalkers let him. He nodded, sweat chilling. " Her voice softened. " He rubbed a hand across them.

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