Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells MCFCs for Department of Defens by William J. Wolfe

By William J. Wolfe

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Sanitary Sewer A sanitary sewer line exists within the utility corridor south of the steam plant. This line can be extended to the fuel cell site. Storm Sewer A storm sewer terminates on the west side of Flagler Avenue just south of Substation G. Telecommunication The fuel cell site will require a telecommunication connection, which can be readily extended from the existing steam plant. Foundations Bedrock depth varies at the candidate site, but it is generally within 5 ft of the surface. The existence of bedrock should be determined during the foundation investigation and soil analysis work described above.

A foundation investigation and soils analyses report will be prepared. A report of findings will include a description of the geology of the site, a description and evaluation of site conditions pertinent to foundation design, an evaluation of foundation support capability, estimates of allowable bearing capacity and settlement predictions for imposed loads. Figure 14 shows a preliminary layout for the proposed 1 MW Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell Generator and its relationship to existing steam plant Building 227.

Poor Good Good Fair 6. Steady-state thermal loads for heat recovery in excess of 1,200,000 Btus/hr. Good Good Fair Poor 7. Nearby access to telecommunications. Good Good Good Good 8. Nearby access to sanitary sewer. 4 9. Approval of site by RIA. Average Rating (Good = 3, Fair = 2, Poor = 1) Environmental and Energy Impacts Air Emissions Impacts Installation of a 1 MW fuel cell at Rock Island can result in reduced emissions of SO2, NOx, and CO2. Emissions may be reduced at regional power plants due to the reduction in electrical load and at the base steam plant due to heat recovery from the fuel cell.

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