Mortal Danger (The World of the Lupi, Book 2) by Eileen Wilks

By Eileen Wilks

America at the present time bestselling writer returns to the attention-grabbing international she brought in Tempting hazard, the place a woman's very soul is in mortal chance. An agent within the FBI's Magical Crimes department, Lily Yu's activity is to seek down a charismatic cult chief bent on bringing an historic evil into the realm. And her in basic terms wish can be to belief Rule Turner, a werewolf prince with whom she has mated. And if Lily cannot belief him, she'll be misplaced eternally.

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Such a prickly little shit she’d been! Twenty going on twelve, street smart and cocky and scared of all the wrong things. But no matter how much she’d insisted she didn’t want to be coddled, Rule had known better. And she’d eaten it up, hadn’t she? Hoarded the memory of him, too, all these years. Rule’s caring had fed the hungry child she’d been back then. Well, she wasn’t that hungry brat anymore. So maybe she was disappointed that he was taken. She’d get over it. She turned to Karonski. “So what the hell am I doing here?

Karonski crumpled up his chip bag and tossed it in the general direction of the trash. He missed. ” “I believe you, already. ” That was news to Lily. But she hadn’t made her way halfway through the pile of reading she’d been given on FBI and MCD resources, regulations, and procedures. ” He looked at her, his eyes gentler than usual. “If I’d left, there wouldn’t be a senior agent to oversee the procedure. ” Okay, that made sense. Lily drew a steadying breath. She wished Nettie would hurry up so they could get this over with.

His arm relaxed around her. Her upper arm pressed against his, and the calf of her left leg rested along his right leg. She was warm. So warm. What the hell. He’d give her suggestion a try and shut up. For several blocks he drove one-handed, in silence and more slowly. His arm was no substitute for a seat belt. Gradually his thoughts began to slow, too. He found a measure of silence, the inside sort. Like listening to the wind or letting the slow pulse of the earth seep up through his feet, this was a quiet that soothed even as it made him pay attention to things he’d wanted to ignore.

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