Much Love, Jac by Jacki Weaver

By Jacki Weaver

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He suggested we just live together—quite a radical and progressive notion in the mid sixties. But both David and I wanted to marry. I’ve always been a believer in marriage, believe it or not. Apart from the firm and holy commitment, I need formality, ritual and ceremony. And so the arrangements for the marriage were made. My mother took me to a kindly doctor in East Gordon, who prescribed sedatives for her and oral contraceptives for me (quite new in those days). He also gave me a gentle little talk about ‘marital relations’ and said that in happy marriages the wife will always ‘submit’ to her husband’s physical demands, even when she may not be ‘in the mood’.

I had to provide twelve performances a week (two shows daily for six days) for 30 pounds a week, a small fortune at a time when my pocket money was one pound a week. I joined Actors Equity at 42 Much Love, Jac-pages 9/9/05 2:26 PM Page 43 Portrait of a Very Young Actress this time, in 1963, so I have spent more than forty years pretending to be other people and getting paid for it. And much longer doing it for free. Playing Cinderella with that cast of fine seasoned professionals was quite possibly the best debut imaginable for a fifteen-year-old tyro like me.

I was actually too shy to wear a bikini on-stage and opted for a one-piece bathing suit with a little skirt. In the September holidays of 1963 I played the child of a broken marriage in an ABC-TV drama directed by Ken Hannam of Sunday Too Far Away fame. My parents were glamorous Diana Davidson and gorgeous Leonard Teale, who’d been my childhood radio serial idol. I couldn’t believe that Superman, faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, was playing my father! I was thrilled.

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