Muonium-antimuonium Oscillations in an Extended Minimal by Boyang Liu

By Boyang Liu

The muonium-antimuonium oscillation strategy has been studied for many years either experimentally and theoretically. Of specific curiosity is that one of these muonium-antimuonium oscillation is completely forbidden in the regular version as the strategy violates the person electron and muon quantity conservation legislation by way of devices. accordingly, its statement can be a transparent sign of physics past the normal version.

This thesis comprises the computation of the muonium-antimuonium oscillation time scale in quite a few average version extensions. First, the gauge independence of many of the 1-loop contributions to this procedure is proven within the typical version converted basically with the inclusion of right-handed neutrinos that have been used to generate mild neutrino plenty through the see-saw mechanism. subsequent the muonium-antimuonium oscillation time scale in a supersymmetric (SUSY) extension of the normal version is calculated. The reduce certain at the ratio of the 2 Higgs box VEVs can be mentioned by utilizing experimental results.

This Doctoral Thesis has been authorized through Purdue collage, West Lafayette, USA.

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Finally, the third term is the dominant contribution of graph (e) and (f), with intermediate higgsino and sneutrinos lines. The second and third terms both depend on the sneutrino mass splitting. 5 Estimate of the Effective Coupling Constant 37 in the sneutrino mass matrix. To compare the relative sizes of these three terms, we use the current experimental limits of the neutrino and sparticle masses. The first terms in Eq. 66 has a factor m4D =MR2 ; which is the scale of the light neutrino mass square m2m ’ m4D =MR2 generated by see–saw mechanism.

The vector bosons of the SM reside in gauge supermultiplets. Their fermionic superpartners are refered to as gauginos. The color interaction of QCD is mediated via gluons, and their superpartners are called gluinos. As before, a tilde is used to denote the superpartner. 2 summarizes the gauge supermultiplets of MSSM. 2, the dotted and undotted indices, a, a, nent Weyl spinor fields. In the subsequent analysis, we will recast all the spin 12 fields as four-component Dirac spinor fields, which will be represented using the same symbols, but without the dotted and undotted ‘‘a’’s.

1 Fermion loop contribution to the selfenergy of the Higgs boson Dm2H ¼ À jkf j2 2 ½K À 2m2f lnðKUV =mf Þ þ Á Á ÁŠ 8p2 UV ð3:1Þ Here, KUV is an ultraviolet momentum cutoff used to regulate the loop integral. If the cutoff, KUV , is replaced by the Planck mass, Mplanck , the resulting correction would be some thirty degrees of magnitude larger than the experimental bound on the Higgs. Supersymmetry provides automatic cancelations between fermionic and bosonic Higgs interactions. For example, consider a scalar field S, which couples to Higgs with a Lagrangian term ÀkS jHj2 jSj2 .

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